India's cotton production is expected to increase by 9.33%

by:JIYALI     2021-07-31
On Wednesday, a report from the United States Department of Agriculture stated that in the 2007-08 marketing year, India’s cotton production is expected to hit a record of 23.9 million bales as the outlook for cotton yields in central and southern India continues to improve.   The report said that after checking the cotton growth in the major cotton growing states, the U.S. Department of Agriculture expected India’s cotton production to increase by 9.33% from the previous year.   The U.S. Department of Agriculture said that due to the sufficient rainfall in most planting areas in September, cotton yield prospects are very good.  According to the report of the United States Department of Agriculture, the productivity of cotton in major growing states has increased by approximately 5 to 150 kg per hectare.   Haryana State has the largest increase in productivity, which is expected to reach 533 kg per hectare, an increase of 157 kg from last year.   Maharashtra State ranks second, and the cotton yield is expected to increase by 119 kg to 331 kg per hectare.   In Andhra Pradesh, the yield per hectare increased by 95 kg to 620 kg, and in Punjab, the yield increased by 72 kg to 682 kg per hectare.   The United States Department of Agriculture reported that India’s cumulative yield per hectare increased by about 79 kg in 2007-08 to 546 kg per hectare.   But there are rumors that due to heavy rains in parts of Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat states, as well as white moths and powdery worms, cotton production has declined.   However, in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states, the yield of cotton grown on rainwater is expected to improve. Therefore, the increase in production will compensate for the loss of production in other regions.
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