In 2008, Vietnam took measures to promote textile exports

by:JIYALI     2021-08-02
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam stated on the 28th that in 2008, Vietnam will take measures to expand its export market. Measures to improve product competitiveness and production capacity to promote the production and export of textiles in the country.  In order to achieve the export target for next year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has requested all textile export and production enterprises to further consolidate traditional export markets such as Europe, America and Japan, and at the same time expand new export markets. Among them, export companies are required to strengthen coordination and cooperation with major US importers, and strive to seek export orders for high value-added products, so as to avoid allegations of export of low value-added products that are the main targets of foreign anti-dumping. At the same time, export and production companies are also required to take effective measures to maintain and increase exports to the European Union and Japan to meet China’s challenges, and to reduce Japan’s cancellation of textile tariffs on 6 ASEAN member states including Singapore and Malaysia in 2007. The impact on the export of Vietnamese products.   In addition, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Vietnam requires all textile production and export enterprises to continuously improve the quality of their products, enrich the styles of their products, and gradually reduce the import of raw materials. Especially the reliance on clothing raw materials to improve the competitiveness of products.  According to a national development strategy for textiles by the Ministry of Industry and Trade submitted to the government by 2015, Vietnam will vigorously develop cotton production, especially in cotton-producing areas, in order to produce 1 billion square meters of fabric for textile production and export. In addition, Vietnam will also strengthen cooperation with ASEAN members in order to expand the supply market for textile raw materials.   Li Guoan, president of the Vietnam National Textile Group, said: We can import textile raw materials from Thailand and Indonesia with zero tariffs to meet domestic production, and then export textiles. In addition, Vietnam is further promoting the shareholding process of state-owned textile enterprises, hoping that more foreign-funded enterprises will enter state-owned textile enterprises.  According to the Vietnam Textile Association, while expanding export markets and improving product competitiveness, Vietnam is also committed to increasing the production capacity of textiles in order to achieve the goal of an average annual growth of 16% to 18% in textiles from 2006 to 2010. In addition, Vietnam should also promote the development of human resources and avoid trade barriers.   Vietnam’s textile exports are expected to reach US$7.7 billion in 2007 and US$9.5 billion in 2008. The United States, the European Union and Japan are the three largest textile export markets of Vietnam. Vietnam currently has more than 1,000 textile factories with 500,000 employees, accounting for 22% of the total industrial employees.
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