Imports and exports will continue to grow in 2008

by:JIYALI     2021-08-03
The Forecast Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences recently released the 'my country's Import and Export Forecast and Situation Analysis in the First Half of 2008Two highs and one capital are the key to suppress the survey. The trade surplus will continue to exist in 2008. The export of labor-intensive products (such as textiles, toys, etc.) will still account for a relatively high proportion of total exports. Among communication technology products, processing trade still accounts for a high proportion. Although the macro-control has played a positive role and the export growth rate of some industries with overcapacity has eased, the imbalance of domestic consumption and investment is still serious, and the export of steel and other products still shows a rapid growth trend. The complete solution of the above-mentioned problems depends on a fundamental change in the economic growth mode. Therefore, the trade surplus will continue to grow for a certain period of time. In an interview with reporters, the heads of enterprises that have contributed a lot to exports, such as textiles and leather, said that next year's macro-control policies will be further increased, and the scope of restricted exports of two capitals and one high will be more extensive. According to the 2008 tariff adjustment policy recently announced by the Ministry of Finance, industry securities analysts believe that next year, steel and other industries will highlight structural differentiation, and certain local investment opportunities will also appear in industries such as fertilizers and chemicals. In addition, industries that have been negatively affected by this adjustment are mainly concentrated in areas with high energy consumption such as ferroalloys, steel billets, and some steel products. Trade frictions are still severe. For a period of time to come, my country's exports will continue to show a momentum of sustained and rapid growth, and they will also face severe trade frictions. It is expected that the proportion of trade frictions in my country’s traditional advantageous industries, such as color TVs, clothing and other industries, will show a downward trend; emerging advantageous industries, such as steel, automobiles, communication equipment, and chemical products will become new hot spots in the trade frictions between my country and developed countries. ; The possibility that trade disputes involving my country will occur in a third country will increase; trade frictions between my country and some developing countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, and Brazil may also increase. In an interview with reporters, many experts said that the issue of Chinese products that began in March 2007 will still be the focus in 2008.
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