How to wear the strap of a backpack, you can learn easily

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Many people don’t know how to wear the straps of the backpack. After buying it, they don’t wear it for a long time. In fact, there are certain tricks. After mastering it, it is very simple to wear. Let’s learn. .

How to wear the backpack strap

First, carefully check the loop that secures the strap, and then put the strap on and tighten it along the loop. It should be noted that the length of the strap must be adjusted before tightening. Generally, after adjusting the length of the straps, the bottom of the bag should be level with the waist, or after adjusting the straps, the bottom of the bag should be at the place where the back muscles are the most, so that the back will not be too tired, and the backpack can be tightly attached to the back to prevent falling off.

If the backpack is large and contains many items, such as books, clothes, water, umbrellas, mobile phones, wallets, etc., you need to adjust the length of the straps to a suitable range on your back. Otherwise, the shoulders are severely loaded, and strain will occur over time. However, the specific length of the strap depends on the height and the clothes worn, and there is no single standard.

How to wear backpack straps

How to tie backpack straps is actually not difficult. Generally speaking, when selling bags, the straps of the bag are already fastened. It only needs to be adjusted slightly in length during use. If you accidentally loose the straps, you need to re-tie the straps, which is actually not difficult. Regarding the question of how to wear the shoulder bag strap, many people are entangled in how to prevent the strap of the backpack from slipping and make the strap more secure. Let's dissect some straps on how to fasten the backpack, so as not to let the shoulder strap slip on the way.

The most traditional method of tying the shoulder bag strap is to pass the strap through the two loops, then loop back to the bottom loop, and then pass through the top loop, and then you can follow The original order of the straps came down together. This method is the most velvet-wearing method, but it is the best to adjust the tightness or firmness. When the bag is produced, it is also this kind of system. The question of how to wear the strap of the backpack depends on the individual. If you don’t like this traditional method, you can invent some unique methods by yourself, but you must pay attention to the fancy method or the shoulder strap. It is firm enough and not easy to fall off.

How to adjust the strap of the backpack

Every backpack has a specially designed button on the strap. This kind of button can be used to adjust the length of the strap. You can Adjust according to your specific height and specific back method. How to tie the straps on the backpack mainly depends on the straps on the backpack you are buying, because the straps provided on the straps of the backpacks of different brands are different.

Adjust the strap to a comfortable length for yourself, not too long. Let the backpack stick to the back as a whole, and the bottom is waist-level. If there is a belt, adjust the length and buckle it so that it can hold more than 60% The weight is transferred to the waist and hips, which makes it easier to carry the backpack.

How to look good on a backpack

1. Back and forth on the shoulders

Choose the most primitive way to put the two straps on your shoulders and put the backpack directly It is also possible to carry it on the back or put the backpack on the front.

2. One-shoulder carrying method

The shoulder bag is carried in the form of a shoulder bag, without too much restraint, and it also gives people a very casual and fashionable feeling.

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