How to wash the canvas bag if it is dirty? How to maintain the canvas bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Girls who like the fresh air and the Mori girl style should prefer canvas bags, as well as those girls who like Korean dramas. Canvas bags are really cute and fresh artifacts, but canvas bags are real. It's easy to get dirty, so today I will tell you how to clean it.

How to wash the canvas bag if it is dirty?

1. The best canvas bag is pure cotton material. Of course, if your canvas bag is made of cotton, you should wash it with soap, so that the decontamination will be very thorough and not It needs soft washing, which has a good protective effect on the shape.

2. Open the bag to dry when drying. It is better to avoid fading or damage to the pattern. Of course, it is better to help the sun to expose to the front of the bag.

3. Dry the bottom of the canvas bag upside down, so that it follows the gravity and the force of the bag itself, which is very beneficial to the shape of the bag.

4. If the canvas bag is not stained with special stains, you can directly put the entire bag in the water and clean it with a brush, but where there are obvious stains, it needs to be cleaned locally, such as the bag is stained. If the oil is stained, you can use detergent to clean it. If you want to clean it thoroughly, use a soft brush to scrub and rinse thoroughly.

5. Many bags have a white background, and there are some colorful patterns on the bags. If you do not pay attention to such bags while cleaning, it will cause color crossover. If you clean such bags, you should clean them with a neutral and gentle lotion, such as shampoo or softener, to prevent the alkaline lotion from damaging the surface of the bag.

How to maintain the canvas bag

1, dry it. After the canvas bag is cleaned, it needs to be hung to dry, preferably in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry out in the shade and avoid sunlight. High temperature exposure will also cause the canvas bag to fade. If there is spliced u200bu200bleather on the bag, it will become hard and brittle after exposure to sunlight, causing damage to the bag.

2. Maintenance of metal fittings. There are usually metal rings, metal zippers, etc. on the bag, and some also have metal decorations such as rivets. These areas should also be well maintained. When cleaning these metal parts, use a metal cleaner to clean and maintain them carefully. When maintaining the zipper, you can apply some white oil on the zipper. If there is no white oil, you can replace it with salad oil, or use candle oil, so that the zipper will pull easily and not get stuck.

How to choose canvas bag styles

Style is the main means of expressing product style, and it can also express the customer's purchase in a key way.

Canvas Republic The canvas bag has simple and fashionable styles, clean and beautiful colors, and has become the first highlight to attract customers. Good style is the cornerstone of successful sales. When the style is more in line with the customer's 'taste


Because of its solid and durable properties, canvas fabric was used to make military tents and parachutes in the early days. With the advancement of science and technology, the textile technology has been greatly improved, and the types of canvas have gradually increased and the application has become more extensive. In the 21st century, we have entered the era of environmental protection, and canvas, an environmentally friendly fabric, has gained more recognition and carried new fashion concepts and entered the field of fashion. Canvas bags have become a popular fashion item. However, when buying canvas bags, people often have misunderstandings. Some consumers think that the thicker the fabric, the better the quality of the canvas. In fact, the quality of the fabric has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. The cotton content and the processing method determine the quality of the fabric. The important factor is that the high-quality canvas fabric of Canvas Republic processed by various technologies is not only firm and durable, but also has a more delicate, soft, and breathable feel. The lightness of the fabric also reduces the weight of the original heavy canvas bag.

According to a survey from the British Chiropractic Association, more than half of women are suffering from the pain caused by backpacks. The damage of the backpack to the human body is all-round. An adult’s spine is like a tower crane, with weight on the left side, and the spine will bend to the left. For example, if the left shoulder carries a weight of 5 kg, the right muscle may have to produce 15 to 20 kg of force to maintain the balance of the body. Over time, this force will eventually compress the lumbar spine. Scoliosis not only affects the beauty but also damages the health of the body. Scientists suggest that the ideal weight of a backpack should not exceed 3 kg. We live in a hurry, heavy work, heavy pressure, and heavy backpacks on our shoulders every day, adding another burden to our lives. Change your mood, please choose a lighter canvas bag.


Whether the workmanship is meticulous or not, determines the quality of the product. The finer the workmanship, the better. The higher the grade of the product. The main things you need to check are the following aspects:

Whether the stitches of the bag are smooth, uniform, not loose, uninterrupted, and the wiring should be parallel to the edge of the bag; whether the hardware accessories are symmetrical and the lock is strong , The zipper should be smoothly closed; whether the center of gravity of the bag body is offset; whether the length of the dual-use bag is appropriate; many people ignore the bottom of the bag, and the bottom of the bag must be stable; the bag has a folded edge, and the thickness It should be moderate and keep the appearance of the bag as smooth as the bag; if the bag has a magnetic closure, see if the accuracy of the closure is appropriate and whether the hand feels smooth when closed. The accessories of the Canvas Republic canvas bag are mostly made of iron, copper or zinc alloy die-cast blanks, which are electroplated with ancient silver and sealed with glaze to achieve the perfect texture and the effect of multiple washing and stainless steel. (This is the requirement of clothing for hardware accessories, because clothing will be washed many times after it is sold, and ordinary canvas bags are generally rarely useful)

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