How to tie the messenger bag strap is too long The method is very simple

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

If the strap of the messenger bag is too long, it can be solved by tying it. It can be solved by winding a knot very casually. If the strap of the bag is too long, it will not look good on the back, so solve it in time.

How to tie the strap of a messenger bag too long?

Many messenger bags have longer straps, which are too unfriendly for small girls. Of course, except for small people, many girls like to wear bags. The back of the bag is just at the waistline, so that the proportion of the body can be better adjusted. First cross the straps, then pull them into a knot, and then pass the other end through, and a nice twist is done.

What to do if the messenger bag chain is too long

1: Look at how long it is, use needle-nose pliers to pry open it, remove the extra part, and then combine the rest. La.

2: Use a vise to unload a section, and then connect it back as it is.

3: You can go to the shoe repairing place to see if you can cut a little.

4: Knot on the side, leave a loop at the knot, and then hang a matching pendant to cover it.

Cross-body bag purchase rules

1 Look at the structural design: Whether the cross-body bag is practical, durable, and comfortable is closely related to its structural design. Generally, the design requirements are simple, and it is best to carry it. Be thick and wide.

2 Look at the material: Messenger bags of different materials have different service life. Therefore, when choosing, look at the material. Generally, crossbody bags made of nylon, polyester, cowhide, and leather are bought by many people. It is recommended to buy them according to their own needs.

3 Look at workmanship: the workmanship of the bag affects its service life. Therefore, in order to buy a durable bag, it depends on the stitching process and the firmness of the stitching of the bag.

4 Look at the size: The messenger bags of various brands have different sizes, and the effect of matching clothes is also different. When purchasing, you can choose according to your body shape and your usual wearing habits.

Recommended crossbody bag styles

1. Italian Kangaroo crossbody piggy bag

Chloé DREW bag, which is popular in fashion circles, has a very cute Chinese name' 'Little pig bag' is named after the homonym of 'DREWbag' and the appearance of a pig. This Italian kangaroo diagonal piggy bag is made of cowhide, which is multi-point symmetrical, square and round, round and stylish. The metal chain shoulder strap gives a sense of fashion. Although this bag looks small, in fact its capacity is not small, and everything you need to go out daily can basically be installed.

2. Fianni printed bucket bag

The bucket bag is a diagonal handbag that looks exactly like a bucket. Since the first bucket bag Noe launched in 1932, this body is round and not The playful design has become a classic bag. The Fianni printed bucket bag incorporates FION prints, embellishment of light shapes, and brings the classics to the fullest. No matter how the fashion wave rolls, it always stays on the trend.

3. Red Valley Fashion Tassel Crossbody Bag

As an emotional and fashionable element, tassels can always give people a romantic and chic impression. A woman who loves tassels may be a Flapper girl, with a hint of boldness in her bones, or she can be an elegant celebrity with a noble temperament in her gestures. This red valley crossbody bag is made of cowhide material, matched with smart tassel pendant accessories, making this bag classic and full of contemporary sense.

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