How to solve the problems encountered in the production of leather goods factories?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-13
People in the leather industry know that there will be problems in the production process of bags, so how do we solve the problems encountered in the production of products? I believe this is something everyone wants to know.

In fact, there is a process in the process of making bags. From the purchase of the raw materials of the product to the product shipment, each process needs to be controlled by someone, and a supervisor or factory manager is required throughout the process. , To manage the production of the entire workshop, from the order clerk placing the order to the production workshop to the product shipment, the entire process needs to be monitored by someone.

So production supervisors or factory managers in leather goods factories are very important, because they must be familiar with every link of product production, and product problems that occur in the process of product production. , It also needs to be solved in time. If it cannot be solved, it is necessary to convene a meeting of professional and technical personnel of the factory to discuss, so that the problems that arise in the production process of the product can be solved in time.

So if the product has been finished, how to solve the problem? It depends on what quality problem is. No matter what the problem is, there is a solution. If the factory finds that the finished product has a quality problem, or the old method, it will convene a meeting of technicians to agree on a good solution to the problem. If the customer finds a problem after receiving the goods, please don't worry, you need to explain to the leather factory as soon as possible the quality problems of the product, so that the leather factory can discuss the solution to the problem, and then give the customer an answer.

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