How to repair a leather bag peeling off, learn to use shoe powder

by:JIYALI     2021-07-22

After a long period of use, the leather bag will actually have peeling. Once the leather bag is peeled, it will be very troublesome. It will not only affect the appearance, but also lose face when carrying it. How to fix it?

How to repair the leather bag peeling

First of all, we must prepare the materials. The most important material is shoe powder. The color of shoe powder is based on the color of your bag. Choose shoes with the same color or similar color as the leather bag. powder. Under normal circumstances, shoe powder is sold in shoe stores, and you can also go to repair shoes and bags. One more egg material is ready. Crush the eggs, take a small amount of egg whites, depending on how much you use, mix the shoe powder and the egg whites, and apply to the peeled part of the leather bag. When it dries, you're done.

How to deal with the peeling of the leather bag

Method 1:

Wipe the bag clean. Spread the egg white on the frayed area. After the eggs are dried, apply a layer of shoe polish with the same color as the bag. Just wait until the shoe polish is dry. If you are afraid that the technique will not be smooth twice, you can mix egg white and shoe polish. For a better effect, apply a layer of brightening oil, so that the worn area will not be seen.

Method 2:

If you don’t have shoe polish, you can also choose crayons. Choose the crayons of the same color as the bag and apply them to the worn parts of the leather bag and gently wipe them until the wax penetrates into the leather. The signs of wear are covered up.

Method Three:

Currently, there are many laundry shops with specialized leather bag maintenance services. You can send the bag to the laundry shop for emergency repairs. After the maintenance is completed, the small wear and tear can disappear, and the large wear and tear can be reduced, which is very useful.

What is the reason for the peeling of the leather bag

Generally speaking, the peeling of the bag is caused by improper maintenance or scratching. The bag often contacts and rubs with rough objects, or Bites by pets, excessive drying, etc. will cause the bag to peel off, but the degree of peeling varies. Therefore, as long as daily attention is paid to protection, there will generally be no major problems.

Steps to repair leather bag wear

1. Prepare cotton swabs and edge-filling glue. These are usually available on the Internet. Of course, you can also use egg whites and shoe powder to make your own, and the effect is also Not bad.

2. Spread the self-made glue evenly on both sides of the edge of the strap, and apply it in batches.

3. First spread one side evenly, and then apply a layer after it dries, about four or five times, basically it is OK.

4. After four or five renewal of painting, does it feel like a new look? After painting, it is basically not easy to peel off.

5. You can basically keep it for a long time after tidying it up once, and you can comfortably put on your own hand-cared bags and go out of the street!

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