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How to remove the smell of the wallet? What should I do if my wallet smells?

How to remove the smell of the wallet? What should I do if my wallet smells?


The wallet is made of leather, so it will taste a little bit more or less, but some inferior wallets will have a serious smell and are very uncomfortable to use. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to smell the wallet?

How to get rid of the smell of the wallet

The most effective way is to use orange peel, pomelo peel, grapefruit peel, and dried tea leaves into a gauze bag, put it in the wallet, and you can remove the contents of the wallet. Peculiar smell.

Wipe with a soft towel

Take a soft towel soaked in water, then take it out and wring it dry, and then carefully wipe the inside and out of the wallet. Put the leather bag in a ventilated place and air-dry it. Note that if it’s summer, you can put it in the sun for a while. If you want to change to winter, sisters must remember not to put it in the sun, because the leather bag will be affected by the cold air in the winter sun, and the leather is prone to chemical reactions. Make the leather bag easy to be crispy.

Orange peel

There are many MMs who have the habit of eating oranges. You can use it at this time. You may not know, there are many honeycomb-shaped holes on the orange peel. A good adsorbent. We only need to wash and dry the orange peels we have left over, and then divide them into pieces and put them in the wallet. Then close the wallet. After a while, open the wallet and you will find that the peculiar smell of the wallet is not only removed, but also It can make our wallet fragrant.


If MMs don’t have time, the easiest way is to fold the wallet directly and put it in a ventilated place for 2 days. The new wallet’s The peculiar smell will disappear naturally.

Why does the wallet smell?

This smell is usually the smell of chemicals and glue.

Generally bought in physical stores, this taste will be small. New products, or bought in online stores, will taste better. Because these are not ventilated, the smell is not easy to dissipate.

You can wipe the leather care agent with alcohol. Or rub it with yogurt (it takes time) or ventilate it. Charcoal can also be used, and lemon peel or orange peel soap is used in the bag if the smell is small. .

Personally, I suggest that you try to rub it with salt water several times, with the aid of aromatic things.

Does the wallet smell bad?

The smell of leather goods is harmful to the human body! If it is just a fishy smell, it is the smell of a normal leather bag. If it is too strong, it may be the chemistry of man-made materials Taste!

Leather goods are leather furniture or leather tools made of leather, such as leather sofas, leather chairs, leather beds, leather bags, leather whips, leather gloves and other leather products. In a broad sense, leather goods also include leather products such as leather clothes and shoes. Among them, leather goods also include many kinds of leather goods, such as this booklet, universal manual, manager bag, briefcase, luggage, wallet, key case and so on.

How to buy a wallet

1, look

Look at the leather bag of the purse material. There are regular patterns on the leather bag, such as cowhide bag. There are very small pores.

2. Touch

Touch the feel of the bag, the leather and fake ones can generally be touched.

3. Smell

You can distinguish the true from the fake by smelling the smell of the bag. The leather has a fishy smell.

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