How to remove the paint on the purse teaches you to deal with it easily

by:JIYALI     2021-07-23

When we usually use the bag, it is actually easy to get some stains, and paint is a relatively common type. Once the paint is on the bag, it is difficult to clean up, so the paint on the bag is How to clean it up?

How to remove the paint on the leather bag

The first method: first use a little gasoline, water, and acetone to smear the leather surface of the hidden part of the leather bag, and wipe the leather surface with whichever one does not hurt.

The second method: Hot vinegar can wipe the paint sticking to the leather (leather bag).

How to clean the leather bag when it is stained with paint

1. If it is stained with solvent-based paint, immediately wipe it with a cloth or cotton ball dipped in gasoline, kerosene or thinner, and then use detergent Wash the solution. If it is stained with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and household interior wall paint, wash it off with water in time.

2. If it is contaminated with paint or asphalt, if the time is not long and the dirt has not solidified, you can rub it with turpentine (or benzene, gasoline, etc.). Old stains (solidified) can be soaked in a mixture of ether and turpentine (1:1) first, after the stains become soft (about 10 minutes), then rubbed with gasoline or benzene, and finally rinsed with water.

3. If you want to remove paint or asphalt and other stains, you can still use 10-20% ammonia water (or half of the ammonia water can also add turpentine) or soak it with 2% borax solution, and wash it after dissolving. The other method is immersing in benzene or toluene, soaking and then washing.

4. If the nylon fabric is stained by paint, it can be coated with lard and rubbed, then soaked with detergent, and rinsed with clean water.

Precautions for cleaning up leather bags

1. Wipe away dust every day. As we all know, leather bags are very afraid of dust, and the same is true for leather bags. Therefore, after you finish using your leather bag, you should find a clean rag and carefully clean the dust off the bag. If you can persevere, your bag will last longer.

2. Purchasing special leather bag oil. In fact, the maintenance of leather leather goods requires you to pay more attention. Generally, you need to take care of it once every month. You can go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of special leather bag oil, and then thoroughly clean the bag again, so that you can effortlessly protect the 'face' of the bag.

3. It is best to use something that is not corrosive to clean. It is a good idea to use the wet wipes of the baby at home to clean it up. Because wet wipes can avoid corrosion of leather bags. When using, just wipe the stain slowly, and then use a dry towel to dry the remaining moisture, so that your bag can be more shiny.

Tips for Purchasing Leather Bags

1. First choose your favorite color and bag pattern. This is very important. The bag can be matched with clothes, belts, shoes, even silk scarves or headwear. So the first step is to choose the colors and patterns you like. It is not necessarily limited to the clothes you are currently wearing. It can also be matched with the clothes you want to buy, or with the clothes you already have at home or other things. Of course, it is better to buy clothes first, and bags later. This will make it easier to see the overall effect. Of course, if you buy online, it is better to match the clothes you already have.

2. Next is to choose style and size. Speaking of styles, there are many, but MMs are easy to choose. First of all, prepare to choose which of shoulder bag, handbag, shoulder bag, dual-purpose messenger bag, backpack, waist bag, and chest bag. Then choose the specific types of details, such as the length of the bag strap, whether the pattern is suitable for you, whether the hardware of the bag is suitable for you, and so on. Then it's time to choose the size of the bag. It is recommended that GG and MM pay attention, the size of the bag is very important. Many online Taobao friends do not pay attention to the size of the bag. After buying it, they realize that it is too big or too small. Some handbags are too long, which makes it difficult to carry and return after buying. So everyone must pay attention to the specific size of the bag that the seller publishes on the Internet.

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