How to remove the handwriting on the wallet? How to clean up the handwriting on the wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-16

When the wallet is put in the bag, it will inevitably get some stains. The handwriting is easy to draw, and some light-colored wallets will be difficult to clean up after the handwriting is painted. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to remove the handwriting on the wallet?

How to remove the handwriting on the wallet

If the handwriting is a pencil, it is very simple, just rub it with an eraser. The most troublesome thing is the mark of the ballpoint pen. If you have just painted it, you can try to wipe it lightly with an eraser. Be sure to wipe it lightly, otherwise it will not be easy to wipe off, and the expensive sofa at home will be bad. In addition, there are special sofa care products on the market, which can be bought and tried. In addition, there is a 'life tips' trick: gasoline removes ballpoint pen stains, scrubbing with gasoline and then washing with detergent, ballpoint pen stains can be removed. Toothpaste removes ballpoint pen stains, first soak the stained area with cold water, then apply some toothpaste, add a little soap and rub gently. If there is any residue, clean it with alcohol. Both methods have their own merits. Gasoline takes effect faster, but it will leave a smell; toothpaste is very convenient, but its decontamination ability is relatively poor.

How to wash the handwriting on the wallet?

The handwriting on the leather fabric is more stubborn and difficult to remove. You can only provide a method to reduce it as much as possible. If you can’t remove it completely, it is recommended to go to a leather bag store Common sense is clean.

1. Dip a clean semi-damp cotton cloth or towel into the blue moon hand wash or deep cleansing detergent, and then directly scrub the stains on the leather surface with the detergent;

2 After the stains are cleaned, use a clean towel to dip in clean water, and wipe clean the areas with laundry detergent;

3, use Fengyoujing to remove the stains on the bag and it is very good and shiny.

How to choose a wallet

First, a zipper wallet

As for the zipper wallet, many people think it is more suitable for women to match. It is not necessarily true, but Men's zipper wallets are also exquisite. For women, they have more small items, so when choosing a zipper wallet, they may choose more layers, but for men, it is better to choose a single layer, otherwise the look will be a bit stale ~

Men’s use of zippered hand bags, first of all, the first feature is convenience! Especially when I often encounter some small change and don’t know where to put the coins, at this time, the function of hand-holding the wallet comes out. And sometimes the mouth of the jeans is relatively narrow, so you can put your mobile phone in your wallet.

Second, horizontal wallets

The most common types are horizontal wallets and vertical wallets. For horizontal wallets, what are the benefits? The main thing is to put Money is convenient. Everyone may not feel so deeply. The previous hundred-yuan bills are longer than the current ones, so many people like to use horizontal wallets. Although the hundred-yuan bills are a bit shorter now, if you put more, they will still be horizontal. The wallet is easier to use.

This wallet is mainly simple, but it shows high-end temperament everywhere. The first is the material of the wallet. The leather texture can still be clearly seen. At the same time, there is no too much decoration on the wallet. Only the thread connecting the leather mouth is exquisite in workmanship, which highlights the high-end leather.

In addition, the wallet is a vintage color, which is more suitable for young boys. After all, the colors of many leather wallets are a bit old-fashioned. I believe most people will like this retro type.

3. Vertical wallet

We just introduced the horizontal wallet, now let’s introduce the vertical wallet. Relatively speaking, the vertical wallet will have more colors and look narrower. Many people find it convenient to put in their pockets.

But it’s worth reminding everyone that when buying a vertical wallet, it’s best to choose a reliable store. After all, some of the quality is too poor, and you can’t even put a hundred yuan bill in it. I really want to cry without tears!

Precautions for using the wallet

1: The life of the wallet should not exceed three years

Generally speaking, the wallet should be used for three Years, the wealth is basically gone, that is, after the wallet reaches the expiration date, it needs to be replaced with new ones to increase wealth.

Two: Do u200bu200bnot use foldable wallets

It is said that money bends down every day and cannot gather wealth without stretching. Many of the wallets nowadays are foldable. Will affect wealth. It is recommended that you use a candy bar wallet as much as possible. The money will be stretched and your luck will be better.

3: The wallet you just bought is empty

You must put some big money in the wallet you just bought! Some people may not understand it, but it is actually to make the wallet familiar with the taste of money, and Different denominations of money have different flavors. The enlarged money is to make the wallet like the taste of big money, and then gather money for you.

Four: Put the money in the wallet at will

The money in the wallet must be kept neat, and the upper and lower sides of them must be consistent, so that the money likes this place; when you pay, you must let it The banknotes face each other to gather wealth.

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