How to remove the black mark on the purse

by:JIYALI     2021-07-23

Some light-colored leather bags are actually easy to have black marks after being used for a long time. Everyone should have seen this, especially white leather bags. How do we remove the black marks on the leather bags? ?

How to remove the black mark on the purse

1. If it is stained, you can wipe it off with alcohol.

2. If the bag fades, you can go to the dry cleaner and have someone spray you with color!

What to wipe the black mark on the bag?

1. First insert it with Fengyoujing, and then use white toothpaste.

2. Dip a little egg white with a towel and wipe the dirty place. The black mark is gone after a few clicks.

3. You can use cotton dipped in wind oil to wipe.

Solutions to dyeing leather bags

1. The same leather bag often has different colors to meet different needs of consumers. When you have a leather bag that is too dark, you will definitely If it takes a long time, the color will fade. You can soak it in concentrated salt water for about one minute, and then rinse it with clean water.

2. When carrying a backpack or carrying a bag, it will directly or indirectly touch the clothes, and some clothes will fade, making the bag dye the color of the clothes. You can soak the entire cotton pad with the makeup remover used in the daily life of girls, gently wipe it on the contaminated area, and wipe it repeatedly until the dirty area is no longer visible, then use a clean cotton pad with some clean water to wipe it off.

Leather bag maintenance common sense

1 The hygienic cleaning of leather bags should be timely. If there are stains on the leather bag, it should be treated in time. Don't let it go if it is not obvious. It will become hard and faded under the influence of stains for a long time, which will affect the look and feel, and even damage the leather.

2 Pay attention to skills when wiping the stains on the purse. After preparing the baby wipes to gently wipe off the stains, wipe off the remaining moisture with a dry towel to prevent water stains from damaging the leather.

3 Oiling. This step is very simple. Regularly maintain the leather bag with a special curing agent for leather bag maintenance. In fact, leather bags are the skins of some animals, which can be used for a long time only if they are well maintained. Of course, if you find it difficult to maintain yourself, you can find some regular leather maintenance shops to maintain it.

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