How to remove the ballpoint pen mark on the bag? Can the pen print on the bag be removed?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

Ball-point pen marks are often rubbed on clothes and bags, and compared to ordinary gel pens, ball-point pen marks are particularly difficult to remove, which causes problems for many mm. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you how to remove the ballpoint pen mark on the bag? Can the pen print on the bag be removed?

How to remove the ballpoint pen mark on the bag

It is very troublesome to accidentally rub the ballpoint pen mark on the bag, especially the light-colored bag will be particularly obvious, and it will affect the mood if you look at it every day. I have compiled some solutions for everyone, let's take a look.

Leather care agent

Leather care agent is the easiest cleaning method to think of. Buy a special leather care agent online or in the supermarket to remove the ballpoint pen handwriting.

How to remove oily cream

Dip a soft flannel cloth into a little oily cream to wipe, the skin will become soft and the scratches of the ballpoint pen will be removed.

Milk removal method

Milk boiled with milk can also be used to remove stains, as long as you put a clean towel under the clothes stained with ballpoint pens, and then use a ball Dip clean cotton with a little boiled milk, and wipe the area with ballpoint pen stains repeatedly until the stains are completely gone.

Toothpaste + soap removal method

Toothpaste has a special ability to remove the ballpoint pen marks on the clothes. Just put the clothes in cold water for a while, and then place the stain on the stained area. Apply a layer of toothpaste evenly, and then rub some soap, and then gently rub the part of the clothing, the stain will gradually disappear.

Egg white removal method

You can use a clean flannel dipped in some egg whites to wipe, which can remove stains and make the leather surface bright as before (this trick can also be used in leather Maintenance above) General leather bags.

How to remove the peculiar smell of the bag

Tips for removing peculiar smell from the bag

Take a soft towel soaked in water, then take it out and wring it dry, then Then carefully wipe the inside and outside of the purse. After wiping, put the purse in a ventilated place and air-dry it. Note that if it’s summer, you can put it in the sun for a while. If you want to change to winter, sisters must remember not to put it in the sun, because the leather bag will be affected by the cold air in the winter sun, and the leather is prone to chemical reactions. Make the leather bag easy to be crispy.

The second tip for removing odor from bags

There are many honeycomb-shaped pores on the orange peel, which is a good adsorbent. We only need to wash and dry the orange peels left over from our eating, then divide them into pieces and put them in the purse. Then close the bag. After a while, you will find that the peculiar smell of the purse is not only removed. , You can also make our purses fragrant.

The third tip for removing odor from the bag

After putting a large piece of soap in the bag and storing it in a plastic bag for 3 days, the leather smell disappeared. Principle: Soap-adding fragrance

Bag maintenance method

First of all, don't use it every day, the leather is elastic, it will deform when stuffed, and it takes time to recover. This article also applies to any genuine leather, leather clothing, leather shoes, leather gloves. . . If you use it every day, you will find that the leather bag is deformed. The big-name bags are all stylish, and the deformation is definitely not good. Gaofushuaibaifumei can be ignored, so many bags can not be used every day. Mainly for some people, save money to buy a favorite bag, and then use it every day, with people everywhere.

Secondly, in daily use, you must avoid the taboo water! Crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin and do not touch oil!!!! Cow and sheep skin can be maintained with lanolin. Other oils should not be touched either. Crocodile skin, snake skin and ostrich skin cannot be maintained with oil.

Of course, we must avoid cuts and scratches.

Thirdly, it is really a good-leather bag. It must be maintained at least once a year and go to a professional leather care store. Cleaning is done at the same time of maintenance, which will increase the life span. For example, cowskins and sheepskins will dry after a long period of use. If they are not moisturized with lanolin, Bi Lizhu or the like, after a long period of time, the bends will crack. . . . A good package is over. Don't talk about the PU, the PU will crack at the bent place after a few months, and the slag will not fall off the skin.

Recommended Korean bag brands

1. The Gobo

Korea niche brand, every color is so beautiful! I ordered the hottest rosepink Color, there is a kind of gentle and cold feel, full of design! Autumn is here, I really want to use gray and brown, matching the windbreaker and double-sided nylon coat must be beautiful.

2. Fibreno

Korea design hand-made brand, there is a physical store in Seoul, PU leather. The rectangular handle of the bag is particularly beautiful with ribbons, with grass dark green and dark purple. Its new careerbag this year knows that it is especially suitable for commuting, simple and generous, ready to pull the dark blue and red contrast colors.


Another Korean niche brand, ins net celebrity style, Korean celebrities also have backs. The portable hardware is very delicate and can be used as handbags and small satchels. When carrying the handle back, it can be separated, suitable for concave shape.

4. Coccinelle

Italian brand, this is entirely based on the little red book. The suede of the Arlettis series is beautiful in every color, beige, gray and dark green. In addition, the bag is very soft and has two layers, which can be filled with many things. It is a practical type. The B14 series is the star model of this brand. The price of about 1000rmb is still pure cowhide when the discount is on, which is really very conscientious. I personally think that suede is suitable for autumn and winter, and b14 is more suitable for summer

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