How to quotation for leather wallet processing

by:JIYALI     2021-05-11
Generally speaking, the processing of leather wallets is for OEM production, processing with supplied materials, processing with supplied samples, FOB and other businesses. Now let's directly discuss the specific details in the quotation of wallet processing. Wallet quotation is an important work of the business department, related to the profit prospects of the entire company, and also a window between the company and the outside world. The work of the business department directly affects the success or failure of the company. Therefore, although the quotation is only a small part of the wallet processing, it plays a big role.

1. The principle that leather goods manufacturers follow in quotation

In the process of purse processing, the principle of manufacturers' quotation is that the product must pursue the best quality and obtain the corresponding profit. If the profit is too high, you will lose customers, and if the profit is too low, you will lose money, so the price must be specified in conjunction with the market.

Second, preparation before the quotation of the purse processing manufacturer

The salesperson of the leather goods manufacturer is not born to make a quotation, so you have to find it yourself slowly. Pay more attention to accumulating relevant knowledge at ordinary times. To do wallet processing business, you need to know how long it takes to make a wallet? How much leather do I need? How much is the hardware accessories? How much is the paper packaging? How to calculate the labor cost?

The relevant knowledge for the salesperson of leather goods manufacturers is as follows:

Wallet leather types: first layer, second layer, pu and other prices;

Wallet accessories: Specifications, prices, accessories manufacturers, etc.;

Knitting: sewing thread specifications, classification, unit consumption, price, thread factory, supply speed, etc.;

Packaging: carton specifications, Volume calculation, printing mark, price, delivery speed, etc.;

Plastic bag composition, price, delivery speed, manufacturers, etc.;

Transportation: nearby ports, distance from ports, ships Time, arrival port, arrival time, etc.; freight company, commodity inspection fee, customs clearance time fee, freight, etc.

3. Contact customers and obtain quotation information

Customers bring samples, and salespersons of leather goods manufacturers should not rush to quote. If it is an online customer who only gives pictures, then you should also communicate with the customer in detail to determine the order information. How much is the order quantity, when will it be delivered, what is the craftsmanship, whether it is embroidered, what packaging is used, the number of units, leather materials, etc.; at the same time, we must also consider whether the customer's requirements can be met by ourselves. Based on the above information, you can make a quotation if you have a good idea.

Four. Quotation

The wallet cost plus profit mentioned above is the price. However, according to customer requirements, if some orders include the price of leather materials, and some include the price of accessories, the unit cost can be calculated according to the unit consumption.

General salespersons must first have their own basic sample, the basic sample is a common wallet sample, calculate the cost and profit of leather, accessories, transportation and packaging in advance, and use this as the basis for future quotations , Increase the price if the process is troublesome, slightly lower if the process is simple, lower if the quantity is larger, and higher if the quantity is smaller. And in this way, you can always know which price is profitable for the company.

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