How to prevent white bags from turning yellow What to do when white bags turn yellow

by:JIYALI     2021-07-02

White bags are a kind of bag that many ladies like to use. White bags are good-looking and versatile, but white bags can easily become dirty and yellow. There are some ways to solve the yellowing of white bags.

How to prevent the white bag from turning yellow

Use fluoride-free toothpaste to remove the yellowing of the bag, wipe the yellowed part of the bag clean, dip the toothpaste with a soft brush, and wipe back and forth on the yellowed area. Will become white. Dip a towel or facial tissue with alcohol, and wipe the yellowed part of the bag back and forth. Use expired face cream or hand guards to clean the leather. After cleaning, apply petroleum jelly to prevent the white bag from yellowing again. Use bleach to remove the yellow traces of the bag, dilute it at a ratio of 1:10, and add some laundry detergent to clean it up.

What to do if the white bag turns yellow

Toothpaste to yellow method

Use white toothpaste, squeeze it on the towel, wipe the yellowed area, and then wet it Wipe clean with the towel, and you will find that the bag has turned from yellow to white.

Face cream and hand cream to yellow method

Do not discard expired hand cream and face cream at home. It often has unexpected effects when used to clean leather. The method is similar to toothpaste, but Be sure to wipe several times to see the effect. Or if you have milk and petroleum jelly at home, you can paint the yellow part that has just been treated as a daily maintenance method to prevent the appearance of yellow.

Fengyoujing yellowing method

Use Fengyoujing to wipe yellowish bags, which can effectively solve the yellowing problem of white bags.

Banana peel to yellow method

If you use fresh banana peel to wipe the white bag, it is also a good choice, and the banana peel is more natural and environmentally friendly. It is recommended as a periodic maintenance method.

Wipe off yellow with alcohol

Dip a cloth in alcohol with water and gently sassafras until it is clean. 95% alcohol, and the ratio of water is 1:1, you can also use toothpaste or Fengyoujing to wipe off the stains.

The method of removing yellow protein liquid

Use a clean soft cloth dipped in protein liquid to wipe, so that it can decontaminate and make the skin shiny without damage Leather. Protein liquid can be bought in general supermarkets. If you don't have it at home, you can use egg white instead.

Petroleum to yellow method

Use gasoline to wipe off the stains on the bag without damaging the leather. This method is the best. Finally, I tell everyone that it is best to apply a layer of anti-fouling oil before using the bag, so that it is not easy to get dirty!

Bleaching water to yellow method

If it is pure white, you can use more Dilute bleach (diluted 1:10) can be removed by brushing the dirty area directly with a toothbrush; or soak it with detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent in each basin of water and stir well), and then do the conventional treatment.

The maintenance method of the white bag

1. The most important way to maintain the leather bag product is to 'use it with cherishment'. Do you usually pay attention to not being scratched or scratched when using the handbag? Not being exposed to rain or being polluted by stains is the most basic common sense for maintaining handbags. Otherwise, wait until the problem occurs and then deal with it, and the effect will be poor.

2. Leather goods should not be exposed to the sun, just hang them in a cool and dry place with ventilation.

3. When not in use, it is best to store it in a cotton bag, not in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag is not circulated, which will cause the leather bag to dry and damage. If it is not suitable The cloth bags and old pillowcases are also very useful. It is best to stuff some soft toilet paper inside the bag to keep the shape of the bag. The bag stored in the cabinet should avoid improper squeezing and deformation.

4. In order to keep the color and luster of the bag for a long time, you can apply petroleum jelly on the leather surface before storing, so that it can be stored for a long time without discoloration.

5. Use a white lip balm to smear a leather bag, and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Decontamination and waxing are done in one go! The effect is good.

How to deal with the yellowing of the white bag?

The yellowing of the white bag is generally because it has not been oxidized for a long time, or it is caused by dirt pollution. Find a clean and soft cloth, drip Fengyoujing on the bag, and gently wipe the yellowed part of the bag with the cloth to restore the original color. Squeeze the white toothpaste on a wet towel, wipe the yellowed area of u200bu200bthe bag, and then wipe it with a clean wet towel. The bag is as white as new again. These methods are only suitable for bags that have just turned yellow, and those that have been used for a long time can only be replaced with new ones, or go to brand after-sales for repair.

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