How to match the canvas bag of literary fan? The style of canvas bag

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

The canvas bag is a more literary style bag, and the canvas bag is particularly environmentally friendly. There are many functions of the canvas bag. So how can the canvas bag match with a more artistic style? What types of canvas bags are there.

How to match literary fan's canvas bag

1. Striped shirt + one-shoulder canvas bag

The black and white pinstripe shirt is a little loose on the girl, but it looks casual and casual. , With a pair of yellow shorts, in sharp contrast with the top, and with a yellow shoulder canvas bag, the closure of the bag is designed with a drawstring, which looks very unique, and makes the color of the lower part a perfect fusion. Wearing a khaki straw hat, it looks as if you are going on vacation, refreshing and comfortable.

2. Hooded sweater + one-shoulder canvas bag

The watermelon-red sweater is full of vitality and is very eye-catching. With a denim skirt, it shows a casual style, and then carries a shoulder The canvas bag adds a literary atmosphere, and the black canvas bag is also printed with a small white pattern, which is cute and age-reducing. This kind of match is especially suitable for girls in their teens to 20s, showing their youthful and sweet side. .

3. White T-shirt + one-shoulder canvas bag

A relatively simple clothing collocation, a pure white long-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of straight jeans, this combination is classic and beautiful. A black one-shoulder canvas bag is carried on the side shoulder. This canvas bag is practical and versatile. It can hold a lot of things. In addition, the girl has a neat short hair and an orange baseball cap. The whole look is lively. More full of sports literary style

4. Knitted cardigan + one-shoulder canvas bag

This one-shoulder canvas bag is large in size, suitable for daily or travel, but it is also practical and versatile, dark gray The canvas bag and the girl’s pink sweater are not in harmony with each other, but the girl is gentle and generous. Wearing a pair of light blue denim trousers on the lower body, it shows the literary and artistic temperament in the simplicity and looks very comfortable.

5. Black sweater + one-shoulder canvas bag

The top is a black sweater, simple and casual, with a small section of white at the hem, which blends very well with the color of the jeans. Naturally, the khaki one-shoulder canvas bag is printed with the English letters of winter, which adds a fashionable atmosphere to the ordinary canvas bag. The whole outfit is simple and refreshing, coupled with the girl's bookish-framed glasses, the image of the young literary girl is immediately presented.

6. Polka dot skirt + one-shoulder canvas bag

Girls who think they are more petite and exquisite may wish to try this collocation. A loosely designed top can cover yours well. The actual figure, the pattern printed on the top inadvertently shows the cute side of the girl, wearing a short skirt with polka dots, looks even more playful and lively, plus a one-shoulder canvas bag full of graffiti, more Let the cute image of the girl take root in the hearts of the people, don't you really like such a simple and beautiful match?

Canvas bag styles

Canvas bag styles include backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, handbags, etc. The common style is a shoulder bag, and most of the canvas bags produced by major brands are also shoulder bag styles. Casual and natural, large capacity. It is the best choice for outing bag, combining appearance and performance. Backpacks are also a common style of canvas bags. Compared with shoulder bags, backpacks are younger in age and have stronger practical performance. It is more suitable for students to carry on their daily life, or go out to play. The styles of canvas bags are clearly distinguished according to different styles and prints. Generally small and fresh style. Or simple and atmospheric style. Backpacks are mainly in solid colors or cartoon patterns.

How to clean canvas bags

1. The fabric of canvas bags is generally canvas and denim. The inner lining is nylon and cotton. The canvas bag is not waterproof, not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to deform and fade when washing, so pay more attention to it when washing it. Usually you can use a small brush to remove the dust. It reminds you that you should wash with soap when washing. If there are too dirty stains, you can use a brush lightly. Do not soak in water forever, wash and dry immediately. If there is a leather part, it should not be wetted, and you can wipe it gently with a damp cloth.

2. Turn the inside to the outside when drying, and then use a clip to clamp the bottom and hang upside down to dry, so that the bag is less likely to be deformed. Air-dry or dry in the shade should be used when airing, do not expose to the sun, and avoid direct sunlight. When storing, put the bag in a cool and dry place. Avoid stress.

What fabrics does the canvas bag have?

1. Cotton printed canvas, as the name implies, is woven from pure cotton. Has a strong moisture absorption effect, soft hand feel, easy to dye. It is a good choice for luggage fabrics.

2. Polyester-cotton printed canvas contains two components: polyester and cotton. Compared with pure cotton canvas, polyester-cotton canvas is stronger and more wear-resistant. This kind of fabric is stronger.

3. Polyester printed canvas, which refers to pure polyester canvas. This kind of fabric is the best in terms of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and strength. Can make handbags, curtains, etc. But the hygroscopicity is relatively poor.

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