How to match the big red bag? The new year is going to be booming

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

The Lunar New Year will soon be ushered in. Red has always been the representative color of the New Year. It is very beautiful and fits the New Year's atmosphere very well. It is beaming. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to match the big red bag?

How to match the big red bag

The new year starts with rewarding yourself. As the so-called 'cure all diseasesDon't look at the bright red color of the bag, but in fact it is fashionable and versatile. Let's take a look at how to match the big red bag together!

Big red bag with coat

The coat is a must-have for everyone in winter Goods, big red bags and coats can bring out the charm of women and make you full of aura.

Big red bag with suit

The dull suit feels like an ordinary office worker OL style, why not come with a big red bag with Suits, discarding the dullness of the whole body, are more of a fashionable personality.

Big red bag with sweater

Big red bag with sweater makes people look warm, tight sweater It is intellectual and elegant, and oversize sweaters are easy and casual.

Big red bag with fur

The luxury of fur itself coupled with a big red bag can simply enhance the sense of luxury and aura Several Levels!

Big red bag with jeans

The fresh blue of denim meets the contrast of big red, which is fashionable, mix and match. Full of personality.

Big red bag with wide-leg pants

In winter, wide-leg pants are one of the indispensable items, both warm and fashionable. At this time, matching a big red bag can double the sense of fashion and enhance the temperament.

Does the big red bag look good?

With the development of the times, you will find that there are more and more girls who pay attention to the taste of life. Which girl walks on the street does not have a bag yet It's the bag. So, what color bag is the most eye-catching when it comes out of the street? There is no doubt that it is beautiful and breathtaking red. Just look at the street shooting of the master to know how eye-catching the red bag is.

Red is passionate, representing passion, straightforwardness, maturity and strong femininity. In the selection of bags, red is often more eye-catching and gorgeous. No black is deep and serious, and no light color lacks stability. This red is really mature and sexy. Any style, with a bag can light up the overall shape, even if it is a casual denim with a long gauze skirt, the red chain bag can also be icing on the cake, making the overall shape more refined and feminine. Red is not only mature, it is also very good to choose a red cartoon bag. A red sweater with striped wide-leg pants is full of retro style. The red cartoon bag in hand adds a sense of detail and brings a touch of playfulness to the overall shape. taste.

How to maintain the big red bag

1. Carefully protect all metal accessories and zippers. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe gently for maintenance to avoid hardware accessories. Oxidation.

2. The bag should always be kept dry. In case it gets wet, place it in a cool and ventilated place, and wait for the bag to dry. It is recommended not to use a hair dryer, or expose it directly to the sun, which may cause the paint peel to fall off or fade.

3. Avoid putting it fast with items that are easy to fade, avoid contact with heat sources, and don't put items with high heat such as radiators in your handbag.

4. Keep away from oily or cleaning agents, because these will have permeability to the patent leather, which will easily change the color of the paint surface or cause spots.

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