How to match the backpack? How does the backpack look good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Backpacks are something that many star airport collocations will have. They are very young and lively and playful. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to match the backpack? How does the backpack look good?

How to match backpacks

In the past, most backpacks were carried by students. Now the backpack has become a magic weapon for fashionistas, especially female celebrities who use the shoulder bag to the extreme to show youth and vitality. Let's GET their secrets about their appearance. Fashion backpacks are mainly used by women. Most of them are made of PU materials and canvas fabrics. They are large and small in size. PU fabric bags are usually used to replace handbags that women must bring when going out. Canvas fabric shoulders The bag is also loved by elementary and middle school students and is used as a school bag. Fashion backpacks are more suitable for casually dressed ladies when they go out. The stylish backpack is easy to carry and completely frees your hands. It is also very suitable for ladies to use in informal occasions.

How to look good with your backpack

Christina Bazin is wearing a striped suit jacket with a white profile top, white tight-fitting trousers with holes and a pair of sandals. All dressed up is refreshing and pleasant. The off-white leather backpack on the shoulders is the finishing touch to the outfit.

The top female model in China is the big cousin Liu Wen. Private clothes are different from slender and domineering, her affinity in daily life Exactly, looking at the cute little crocodile cartoon backpack has betrayed her.

Supermodel Xi Mengyao has a sporty style in private clothes. The height of this supermodel with a high-neck sweater and wide-leg pants is really no problem. The classic black and white contrast is very attractive. The sneakers on the feet are full of tide, and the backpack on the shoulders is a youthful and vigorous, beautiful young girl.

How to maintain your backpack

First: Don’t carry it all the time. If you are doing a long exercise, it is best not to carry your backpack for a long time. , Certainly, this kind of long-term carrying is not good for your body. Try to carry on the hand after an hour or two, and then carry it on your back. This way, the combination of work and rest will extend your bag to a large extent. The life of your backpack.

Second: Always let your bag see the sun, don't keep it in the house without outdoor sports. Without the moisturization of the sun, your bag may appear moldy, and there will be some peculiar smells, which makes people smell very uncomfortable, not to mention you have to carry it on your back, so you might as well take it for a while Just take out your love bag for a sunbathing and give it a little sunshine?

Third: Try to avoid a large amount of friction. In the process of using it, it is inevitable that you will encounter some wear and tear. Here It's not that you can't wear it, but try to reduce the damage caused by wear. Do less wear and more care. Try to avoid places with high friction or uneven surface. If you must use it, you should also keep an eye on it. Don't use positive friction if you have to.

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