How to match retro small suitcases and bags? How do small bags look good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

Recent small suitcase bags are very popular recently, and international brands such as LV and Gucci have also released this bag. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to match retro small suitcases and bags? How do small bags look good?

How to match retro small suitcases and bags

Recently, many people have seen small LV suitcases in street photography. Don't want to be too beautiful! The retro style that has blown in the fashion circle in the past two years has made many elements of the 70s and 80s popular. The square box is just to cater to this fashionable 'unmodern senseToday, I will plant a few popular ones for everyone. The shape of the small bag is the same as the vanity case on our dressing table, but it is smaller and more exquisite, showing a modern charm, which conforms to the trend of small bags, and is marked by pure lines and minimal tones. The current women's spirit of going forward courageously creates an image of chic, handsome and capable women. From the show to the street shooting, it is its figure. The box-like bag is an expert at storage, and the compartments inside are well organized, simple and pragmatic. No wonder the fashion blogger circle is popular, and the appearance rate of street shooting shows is so high. Let's take a look at its style!

How to match small suitcases and bags to look good

Portable small suitcases

The portable small suitcases are the most urban intellectual woman. Even if it has a square appearance, it still does not reduce the fashion index with it. Evening dresses for formal occasions; daily windbreakers and sweaters; office workers' professional wear... No matter what it matches, it is not inferior. Moreover, this bag type does not distinguish between spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the utilization rate is particularly high!

Hand holding small suitcases

With the ridicule of Hallyu in recent years, Clutches are also very popular. The whole body shape is matched with a clutch bag, and the aura improves a lot in an instant. It is even more popular when it is replaced with a small bag in the hand.

Cross-body small suitcase

The cross-body small suitcase is a bit more youthful and casual, whether it comes from unique shapes or bright colors. Look, it can instantly attract eyeballs and increase your chances of turning heads.

Straw small suitcases

Small suitcases are not only versatile in any style of clothing, they can also cross the fashion of spring, summer, autumn and winter, all kinds of crocodile skin, snake skin The small suitcases and bags made by you are high-quality, while the small straw bags in summer can bring you a cool atmosphere and have a very unique personality, such as replacing the 'cosmetic case' with a 'vegetable basket'.

What is a small bag?

Vintage can't finish the retro wind. The Boxbag small bag that made a comeback in the spring and summer of 2015 is square and square, not big or small, and stylish. It's just right. Moreover, judging from the street shooting match of various fashion icons, the small suitcases are really beautiful no matter how they match! Don't pick it at all. Especially, it can be crossed diagonally, shouldered or hand-held, for various occasions, various patterns, and various moods. Come and watch. Dolce u0026 Gabbana's small bags have also inherited its consistent design style, combining the classical romance of Sicily and the tens of thousands of styles of Italy, the use of colors is extremely gorgeous, and the pattern design is also very childlike and cute. Lv's PetiteMalle handbag can be traced back to 1868, when Louis Vuitton invented the zinc leather suitcase to protect the cargo of sailors. Each suitcase is decorated with the cross badge of the globetrotter Albert Kahn. It is also an eternal classic in the history of luggage.

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