How to match men's handbags should pay attention to the overall match

by:JIYALI     2021-07-27

When boys use handbags, the matching problem is still very important. The color, texture, and style of the handbag must be harmonious and unified, so that they can go out to be more classy.

How to match men's handbags

1. Match colors. The color of handbags used by businessmen should generally be similar to the main color of their overall clothing. Sometimes, you can make it contrast with the color of the clothes you are wearing. In a particularly formal business interaction, there is a special note, that is, the color of the handbag used by the business person, it is best to be consistent with the color of the leather shoes worn at the same time.

2. The combination of texture. When using handbags, you should consciously make all the bags you use at the same time all leather, and it is best to wear leather shoes. Otherwise, it will hinder the harmony and unity of clothing.

3. The matching of styles. When using the scarecrow men's handbag, you should also make it more consistent in style with your other clothing. Either all are men's business bags, or both are men's casual bags.

4. The overall collocation. In any case, when choosing a scarecrow men's handbag, you should subject yourself to the overall collocation of your clothing. The user’s gender, age, identity, height, etc. should all be considered.

Recommended styles of men’s handbags

1Black compact handbag

Fashion highlights: trendy street concave shape, must buy black compact large handbag Bag, because this bag is versatile and classic, it can enhance the fashion with different skirts and pants. It is simple and practical. It can store many items and is convenient for travel.

2Personalized printed handbags

Fashion highlights: If you want to be different, and want to reach new heights, you must start with personalized printed handbags, which will instantly attract countless eyes. , Kill women of the same age in seconds, and reap the love of men.

How to hold men's handbags nicely

1 Single handbag: The hand-carrying method is the most common and easiest way to hold the bag. But it is by no means only a handbag with a handle that can be carried. The current trend is that you can carry it out no matter whether it is a handbag, a satchel or a backpack. To be a trendy person, you must not be afraid of tiredness, so start exercising your arm strength now!

2 One-hand bag: For document bags and Clutch, holding the bag with the palm is the most fashionable way. Most men don't like to take too many things when going out, so it is absolutely necessary to have a chic handbag and put down your phone and keys. Office workers who often wear suits are especially suitable for holding handbags like this, which will make you look full of aura.

3 Tiger mouth folder bag: This method is most suitable for professionals, and it is advisable to choose a smaller size document bag in the choice of bag. Hanging your hands naturally will make you look smart and capable.

4 Folding bag: Fold up and hold it in your hand. If you don’t have a lot of things in your bag, and it happens that the fabric of the bag is softer, you can use this fashionable and avant-garde way of carrying your bag.

Maintenance points for men's handbags

1. At least two basic styles of work leather bags: one for summer and one for winter. You can choose lighter-weight leather men's bags.

2. Try to keep the inside of the bag clean and simple. Searching for keys in the bag with your hands will make people feel that you are an unorganized person.

3. When buying a leather bag, check the inside carefully. The color of the bag should match the color of the bag to look advanced. At the same time, pay attention to the handwork and design of the strap.

4. When the leather bag is not in use, wrap it in a dust-proof bag for storage, so as to prevent it from getting dust. The handle or strap (especially the strap in the form of a chain) must be received in the leather bag to avoid damage to the bag. Appearance.

5. Don’t think that the high price means good quality. No matter what price you buy, you must carefully check all details, such as the color of the leather should be uniform, the stitching should be tight, and the zipper should be easy to open and close The snap fits well, etc.

6. Don't buy leather bags that are difficult to switch, or you will waste a lot of time on unbuttoning and tying the bag.

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