How to match handbags with clothes? Pay attention to these taboos

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

When matching handbags, we must first pay attention to the matching of colors. In addition, the size and style of handbags are also something we should pay attention to. Maybe many people don’t pay much attention to the matching of bags and clothes. In fact, this is also very important. of.

How to match handbags with clothes

1Same color

Bags and clothes are matched with the same color, which can create a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit camel Bags.

2 Contrasting colors

Bags and clothes can also be in strong contrasting colors, which will be a very eye-catching way of matching. For example: black suit, red belt, red bag, black high heels.

3 dotted colors

That is, neutral color clothing with dotted color bags, this combination will make you very good, for example: camel dress, sky blue bag, camel high heels.

4 printing colors

The color of the bag can be one of the clothes printing colors, for example: olive green bottom, beige, brown printed dresses, brown bags, brown high heels.

Handbag matching taboo

Is the height over 170? If the answer is no, I suggest you give up the oversized bag. It is often common for a poor little girl to carry an oversized bag, which is indeed ostentatious, but her whole person is usually visually submerged in the oppressive feeling of the big bag. The deportment handbag should be pulled on the arm, and the elbow should naturally be 90 degrees against the waistline; when using a small shoulder strap bag, you can use the armpit to fix the handbag slightly to avoid the back and forth of the bag; the bag without a strap should be single-handed Hold it in front of your chest, or follow the length of your arm and place it close to your thigh. Sisters should never put the strapless handbag under the armpit!

How to choose a handbag

1. If you are taller than 165 cm, you should try to choose a handbag with a total length of about 60 cm that can be stored upright in a magazine size;

2. If the height is less than 158 cm, you should Choose a handbag with a total length of about 50 cm that can be worn horizontally and fit into a magazine to lengthen your body proportions.

How to maintain the handbag

1, clean

After removing the dust, use the special cleaning oil to remove the dirt and wrinkles. Secondly, dip the special oil of the leather bag on the cloth, lightly apply it to the leather bag, and then rub the cloth on the leather bag hard, but don't apply too much detergent, so as not to make the leather bag fade or contaminate the clothes.

2. Storage

For leather bags to be stored in the season, clean their leather surface before storage, and put clean shredded paper balls or cotton sweaters in the bags to keep The shape of the leather bag, and then put the leather bag in a soft cotton bag. The leather bag stored in the cabinet should be prevented from being deformed by improper squeezing.

3. Stains

If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge moistened with a mild detergent, and then let it dry naturally. If there are spots and black spots on the leather, try dipping the leather of the same color with alcohol and wiping lightly. Suede leather must use a soft animal hair brush to remove surface dust and dirt. If the pollution is serious, try to use an eraser to gently push the dirt to the four sides evenly.

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