How to make a quotation with leather goods manufacturers about the processing of luggage and leather goods

by:JIYALI     2021-05-26
According to the editor, many customers who need custom-made leather products will choose a number of quotations from many factories for comparison, and it is inevitable that some of these customers will call directly to ask the price. So the problem came, the customer called directly to ask the price, many leather goods manufacturers did not respond, and the price was casually stated. As a result, the customer said that he wanted to place an order, and the style to be made was far from the style quoted in his mind, which was nothing. Lost a customer. But the price is higher and the customer cannot accept it, so what should I do?

Many customers want to know our prices, but they don’t just make a phone call to know whether our quotation is in line with the product you want to make. Before you give a quotation to the leather factory, you must first prepare: clear product pictures, product dimensions , The material of the product you want to make, and your budget, are given to the manufacturer but only an estimated price can be quoted for you. If you have a physical object, it’s better to send it to the factory to calculate the actual object, so that the calculated price will be more accurate. If there is no physical object, you can ask the factory to make a proof for you based on the picture you provide, but you need to pay for the proofing fee. However, those who make the goods will not care about the proofing fee, because the proofing fee can be deducted when the order is placed.

Before making a quotation, we must first understand what kind of grade the customer wants to make. Many customers say that they want to make mid-range bags, but in fact they can only accept low-end prices. This is totally irrelevant, because many What the factory pursues is what kind of price and what kind of quality, it depends on how the customer chooses. The calculation of the price needs to take into account the price of raw materials on the market and other costs such as processing fees. These are calculated according to the actual calculation. It is not possible to calculate the price of the goods just by looking at the pictures. This is a gap with the physical quotation. Yes, it may be lower than the estimated price, or it may be higher. Customers must be mentally prepared to accept it. If you cannot accept such a price, you can tell your budget and ask the leather goods manufacturer to help. If you control the cost in your mind, the factory will give you many suggestions.

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