How to make a bamboo woven bag look good with clothes

by:JIYALI     2021-07-20

The spring and summer moments make people unconsciously want to wear lighter colors. The girl’s pink macarons have disappeared from my sister’s shopping list for a long time. Our favorite soft cotton and linen shirt is our spring. Xia's destiny color (elegant flick). Ok, when you bought a closet of beautiful fairy clothes, what kind of bag style can you match at this time? To answer this question, a versatile bamboo woven bag makes your good temperament soar to a new high.

How to wear bamboo woven bag clothes

#Bamboo woven tote bag X basic style, the lazy sisters all wear it like this

The large-capacity tote bag is super convenient to go out. Tea to two days and one night small trip, tote bags can play a good-looking and well-dressed competent role. The bamboo woven tote bag also retains its advantages in use, and the shape is more summery. It is casually fashionable with a thin shoulder top and jeans. It can also be carried in a light-colored suit jacket, and a formal coat can be worn as casual clothes in one second. .

#Is the bamboo woven small food basket a new fashion? The key is to choose the 'flat style'

Another bamboo woven bag with a wide top and a narrow bottom. The look looks at first glance It looks like a grocery basket, but from the side, its flat design still maintains a sense of fashion. Wearing shirts and black pants is actually quite ordinary, but an extra bright bamboo woven bag in your hand can reverse the boring look of passers-by; the basic windbreaker on the right is also worn, ingeniously matched with key packets (newspapers also deliberately put Come out), how fashionable to walk on the road.

It is also a small bamboo weave that is similar to a vegetable basket, and the color is lighter. With the One Piece longboard white shirt or white background, it looks like a little bit of a problem and not too much to steal the spotlight.

#The new friends who traveled by the beach this year decided to use the straw woven harness pocket

The straw woven bag originally matched the seaside! The harness pocket design itself is very stylish, especially the shoulder strap part With a thicker hemp rope, it looks very summer. A blue and white plaid skirt is so greasy to carry it to the beach. The editor personally feels that the refreshing match is better than bikini hot pants. This year I will wear it at the beach!

#竹编小包Styling is the strongest! Summer I contract it for daily wear.

Girls who value the matching of bags, here are these three small bags that make you scream. The half-moon bag that was very popular last year has not gone out of fashion this year; Xiaofang Although the capacity of the bag is limited, it is good to wear it with a sister-like shirt + soft long skirt! Another small lunch box-style bamboo woven bag, of course, is OK to go to the beach on the back, but the best scene for it should be the sister Our spring picnic is not only lovely for the occasion.

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