How to maintain oil wax leather? Teach you easy maintenance of oil wax skin

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

Oil wax leather is a very common material in bags nowadays, it will give people a very retro feel, very flavorful, and the oil wax leather will change color over time when it is used for a long time, especially beautiful . The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to maintain waxy leather?

How to maintain oil wax leather

Many people think that oil wax leather is more durable and does not require maintenance. In fact, regular maintenance of oil wax leather will extend its service life. You can follow the following methods Maintain oil wax leather:

1. Oil wax leather is easier to take care of than ordinary leather. Normal cowhide is prone to sticky dust and needs to be wiped frequently, which is cumbersome and troublesome. But oil cowhide only needs to prepare a soft cloth and wipe it lightly to restore the original brightness.

2. The surface of the oil wax leather is very waxy, and the pores on the surface are sealed by wax. In addition to cleaning the dust with a soft clean cloth, you can polish it with stockings. There is no need for special maintenance, just use a slightly damp towel. Remember not to use liquid shoe polish. We are generally used to calling it to destroy shoe polish.

3. If the liquid shoe polish is hit on the shoe, a film will be formed on the surface of the shoe in the future, which is difficult to handle, and the oil wax skin will seep into the leather, and it is basically impossible to completely recover. The solution is to wipe it with cooking oil and some flour, or directly find a local leather shoe beauty store to let them wash and color, but the finished color will be slightly different from the previous one.

4. Special mention is that even if the oil cowhide is scratched, don’t worry, just wipe it off with a soft cloth and it will disappear. If you don't wipe it, it will disappear after a long time. Because it is authentic cowhide, it has the function of skin self-repair.

Types of oil wax leather

There are many kinds of oil wax effects of oil wax leather, which can be divided into three categories:

1. Ordinary oil wax oil Wax leather

The shiny surface effect is like rubbing a layer of oil wax into the leather surface.

2. White mist wax oil wax skin

The surface is like a layer of white mist, hazy. Wipe with a cotton cloth to show the background color.

3. Cationic wax oil wax skin

The surface is not visible, but as long as the leather is folded or rubbed, you will see the blending of the complexion and the background color.

Why oil wax leather is expensive?

Leather is distinguished from different angles and can be divided into many types:

The simplest and easy to understand classification is naturally the first layer of leather and We won’t discuss the second-layer leather here. Mengying’s oil wax leather is all first-layer leather. (Second-layer leather is made by coating or filming the split layer of the leather, which has poor color fastness and abrasion resistance, hard hand feeling, and poor air permeability. It is the cheapest kind of leather of its kind)

According to the grain condition Classification can be divided into aniline products, full-grain finishing products, shaving products and embossing products. Oil wax leather belongs to aniline products. The raw materials used require high-grade raw leather with low disability, and the most natural leather that has not been painted. It is equivalent to the state of people without makeup after washing their face. The most natural high-end leather. Therefore, the higher price of oil wax leather sofas is due to the high level of leather embryos.

At the same time, oily wax leather is oil tanned. After leather tanning and dyeing, it is different from paint. It cannot be washed off. Oil and wax are difficult to decompose from the leather. Therefore, there is no way to reprocess the oil wax leather, and the production risk is higher. Therefore, oil wax leather is more expensive, which is also one of the reasons.

What should I do if the oily wax skin becomes moldy?

Wipe with a dry towel: soak a dry towel with water, wring it out and wipe the surface lightly, repeat it several times, and don’t use a wet towel to prevent it from touching the leather surface. Water penetrates into the skin to avoid further damage to the leather bag.

Warm detergent: The stains on the leather surface are the main area for mold growth. For the stains on the leather surface, wipe it with a clean damp sponge and a mild detergent repeatedly, and then let it dry naturally. You can try it out in an inconspicuous corner before formal use.

Leather mildew remover: Wear gloves, take appropriate amount of leather mildew remover on a soft clean cloth, gently massage the leather surface until the mold is removed, leaving a layer of residual material (this is a kind of leather removal Internal mold process). For frosted leather, absorbent paper is required to absorb residual stains, and the product stays on moldy leather overnight to observe whether it is necessary to clean it again.

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