How to maintain Crazy Horse skin? This maintenance can last a lifetime

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

Crazy horse leather is a more common material on bags. Bags made of crazy horse leather are particularly textured and very beautiful. It is very suitable for friends who like retro style. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to maintain Crazy Horse skin?

How to maintain Crazy Horse Leather

Many people who bought Crazy Horse Leather don’t know how to maintain it. As a result, the leather looks very old and ugly after a short period of time. Let’s take a look. How should Crazy Horse skin be maintained?

Crazy horse skin does not require special care. It can be waxed, not oiled, and it must be waterproof, mildew-proof and dry. You can use colorless care cleaning cream, leather cleaner, and wipe it on a clean cloth. Apply a small amount and rub evenly on the leather surface. It is breathable like the skin, although it has a certain degree of water resistance, it should be avoided as much as possible, and it should be wiped dry immediately if it gets wet.

What is Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is the first layer of cowhide, which is short for a leather making process. Taiwanese people like to call it crazy cowhide, while in mainland China it is called oil-impregnated leather. . The material is mainly the first layer of cowhide embryo, which belongs to the middle and high-end leather. The oily leather during the manufacturing process has a messy and disorderly surface and a rugged and retro style, but it has a strong leather feel. It can show a discoloration effect of the background color. After using for a period of time, the matte effect on the surface will be It gradually presents a shiny and shiny effect, feels better, and has a stronger retro temperament. It occupies the position of high-end products in the leather market. Therefore, it is often said that Crazy Horse leather products become more and more beautiful as they are used.

The difference between Crazy Horse leather and cowhide

Ordinary cowhide will undergo multiple processing, which greatly changes the appearance and characteristics of the cowhide itself, while Crazy Horse leather will retain the cowhide as much as possible. It is original and rugged!

The color, thickness, and roughness of the cowhide in different parts of the cow may be different. For example, the cowhide on the back of the cow may be thinner, lighter in color, and short in roughness. The opposite is true under the cow's belly. During the growth process, cattle will produce fly prints, small scars, and growth textures are unavoidable, so generally small black spots, light black small scratches, and regular colorless textures are all within the normal range. Ordinary ordinary cowhide is processed through multiple processes, such as sanding, coloring, coating and other methods to conceal the natural characteristics of the cowhide!

In addition, we discarded a lot of leather with serious traces when we made it. . Generally, the blemishes will be relatively small, and after a period of use, the color of the bag will become even and shiny, and sometimes even some scratches and textures will gradually fade, and the finished product will slowly develop its own uniqueness during use. With the color and texture of the patina, this slow process of running-in is addictive.

How to distinguish between genuine leather and fake leather

1. Leather surface: The natural leather surface has its own special natural pattern, and the leather surface has natural luster. When pressing or pinching the leather surface by hand, the leather The surface has no dead wrinkles or folds, nor cracks; while the leather surface of artificial leather is very similar to natural leather, but the pattern is unnatural, the luster is brighter than natural leather, and the color is mostly bright.

2. Leather body: natural leather, soft to the touch and tough, while imitation leather products are also very soft, but the toughness is insufficient, and the leather body becomes hard when the climate is cold. When the leather body is twisted by hand, natural leather bends back naturally and has better elasticity, while the bending motion of imitation leather products is stiff and poor elasticity.

3. Incision: The color of the incision of natural leather is consistent, and the fibers are clearly visible and dense. The incision of the imitation leather product has no natural leather fiber feel, or the fiber and resin at the bottom can be seen, or the base fabric and resin can be seen from the incision in two layers.

4. Inside the leather: The front of the natural leather is smooth and flat with pores and patterns. There are obvious fiber bundles on the reverse side of the leather, which are fluffy and uniform. In the imitation leather products, the front and back sides of some synthetic leathers are the same, with good gloss inside and outside, and also very smooth; some artificial leathers have different front and back sides, and obvious base cloth can be seen in the leather; but some leather inner and leather surfaces are imitated. Like natural leather, the leather also has fluff like natural leather, which requires careful observation of the difference between true and false varieties.

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