How to judge whether the bag manufacturer is professional

by:JIYALI     2021-05-24
Many customers seldom pay attention to this question when customizing their bags, and no one has asked this question, but this question is really important, because you only need to know to find a professional bag manufacturer, but you have never judged whether the factory is professional.

The so-called profession is to see whether this bag manufacturer is formal. It can be judged from the production equipment, because the equipment is indispensable to complete the entire process of leather goods, such as shoveling machines, beer machines, high cars, Flat cars and other machines.

Secondly, look at the production workers. If the machine has no professional people to operate it, it is still of no use. So to judge whether the bag manufacturer is professional, you can see if some of their equipment is perfect.

Of course, in addition to the above two aspects, the customer cases processed by the bag manufacturer are also conditions worthy of judgment and reference, but often on-site inspections can directly judge the factory The best way for professionalism and strength, so if you have time, you can go directly to the factory for on-site inspections.

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