How to get rid of the smell of leather bags using these methods

by:JIYALI     2021-07-22

Newly bought leather bags often have some unpleasant smells. At this time, it would be a bit embarrassing to carry them out directly. We can take some small measures to quickly remove the smell on the bag.

How to get rid of the smell of a leather bag

1. You use orange peel (fresh), grapefruit peel or lemon peel and put it in your wallet. Take out a day and cut a few small pieces of soap and put it in your wallet. After sealing it with a large piece of soap and putting it in a plastic bag for 3 days, the smell of genuine leather disappeared.

2. Fold the very common household toilet paper a few times and put it in a smelly bag. The toilet paper will absorb the smell. After ventilation, the toilet paper can be reused, of course Use for inhalation.

3. The newly bought bags at the counter should also be kept in a ventilated place for two days to get the taste, so the ones we bought at the counters are tasteless, and the bags bought from Taobao will be like this before they are opened. , Generally, the bag will be tasteless if it is left in a ventilated place at home for a day.

4. You can first wipe the bag with a brush with pure glycerin, let it sit for about a quarter of an hour, then wash it with warm water at about 25-30 degrees Celsius, and finally spray with lemon essence , The peculiar smell will disappear.

What to do if the leather bag smells?

1. Take a soft towel soaked in water, then take it out and wring it dry, and then carefully wipe the inside and out of the leather bag. After wiping, put the bag in a ventilated place and air-dry it is OK. Note that if it’s summer, you can put it in the sun for a while. If you want to change to winter, sisters must remember not to put it in the sun, because the leather bag will be affected by the cold air in the winter sun, and the leather is prone to chemical reactions. Make the leather bag easy to be crispy.

2. There are many MMs who have the habit of eating oranges, and you can use them at this time. You may not know, there are many honeycomb-shaped pores on the orange peel, which is a good adsorbent. . We only need to wash and dry the orange peels left over from our eating, then divide them into pieces and put them in the bag. Then close the bag. After a while, open the bag and you will find that the peculiar smell of the bag is not only removed. , You can also make our purses fragrant.

Why does the leather bag smell?

This smell is usually the smell of chemical agents and glue. Generally, the smell will be small when bought in physical stores, and the smell of new products or online stores will be bigger. Because these are not ventilated, the smell is not easy to dissipate.

How to choose a leather bag

1 Strap: an important part of the bag, and the most vulnerable part. Check the straps for seamless fit and cracks, and see if the connection between the straps and the body is strong. All kinds of bags should pay attention to the straps, and backpackers will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps, and pay special attention when choosing.

2 sides: flat and smooth, no seams outside of the design, no bubbling, no exposed burrs.

3 thread: No matter whether the bag is sewn with open thread or dark thread, the stitch length should be uniform, and there should be no thread exposed. Pay attention to whether the stitching is wrinkle-free and whether the thread has come, and see Whether the cable end will cause the package to crack.

4: Whether you choose textiles or leather products, the color should be coordinated with the wrapping surface. The lining has many seams, and the stitches should be fine and not too large.

5 Hardware: As the external decoration of the bag, it has a finishing touch. When choosing a package, pay great attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware. If the hardware is golden, you must consult whether it is easy to fade. Look out for bags with handles such as cosmetic cases.

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