How to find a reliable luggage processing factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
Many luggage and bags on the market basically go to the wholesale market to get the goods and then sell them, but with the improvement of the quality of people's clothing, many are moving in the direction of customization.

It is really not easy to find a luggage processing factory by yourself. Many processes are unfamiliar, and if you make a mistake, you will make a mistake. Next, let everyone know how to find a reliable processing plant.

Before cooperating with a luggage processing factory, first find out the style of luggage you want to make or find a designer to design it. Because the trend follows the trend, it is necessary to follow the current trend. Then determine the materials of the luggage, including fabrics, linings, hardware accessories, etc. After confirming all the details, you can find a suitable factory for cooperation. There are also two ways to cooperate with processing factories, one is processing with supplied materials, and the other is contracting labor and materials. If you are a novice, JIYALI recommends that you choose a manufacturer who has contracted labor and materials, because it is troublesome to find the materials by yourself for processing with supplied materials. As long as you provide the style, the processing factory can help you find fabrics, make patterns, and produce. You only need to be responsible for receiving the goods and tracking the production process.

JIYALI also recommends that you don’t arbitrarily lower prices with luggage processing factories, and always believe in the principle that one price is paid for. Sometimes the factory promises you a lower-than-normal quotation, which may result in quality insecurity and a price increase when picking up the goods.

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