How to distinguish the true and false of the Loewe puzzle bag_loewe puzzle bag true and false comparison chart

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

The Loewe puzzle bag is a popular item this year. It can be deformed and folded. It is light and beautiful. It is simply a must-have for going out. So how to distinguish the authenticity of the Loewe puzzle bag? The editor below provides you with a comparison chart of the authenticity of the Loewe puzzle bag.

Distinguish the authenticity of the Loewe puzzle bag

1, leather

The LOEWE brand, especially the puzzle bag, is divided into a variety of leathers such as plain leather, lychee leather, embossed leather, including special leather, etc. And so on, but every kind of leather is soft to the touch, and light-pressing with your fingers will cause emission-type lines.


LOEWE’s O inner ring is not a perfect circle but sharp corners at both ends (Puzzle is applicable, the old logo of Vintage bag will be There are distinctions) and the font spacing is the same and the thickness is moderate.

3. Hardware

As a basic point of the identification of luxury luggage, a few words can be summarized: if your bag handle is used That kind of cheap plastic foam wrapped (unless it is artificially packaged) so 95% are fake. The same is true for hardware, if it is wrapped in something like plastic wrap, it will also look fake. The metal texture of the LOEWE bag is super good, whether it is the flatness of the logo groove in the horizontal position, the flatness of the edge is perfect, and there will be no reflective water ripples.

4, routing

Loewe bag walking Compared with other brands, the line is relatively stable in workmanship. The front line of the genuine product should be slanted for each stitch, and the line on the back is almost straight. Everyone has seen the Hermes stitching method and thinks that they are all hand-stitched. Now the fake diagonal stitches can be imitated even with a machine. They look much more perfect than the original ones. In fact, the all-inclusive stitching will be somewhat smaller. Flaws, don't be too careless, especially using this point to judge true and false is not an important basis. It is enough to meet the basic requirements of the slash.

5. Dust-proof

There is a big difference between genuine and fake dust-proof bags. The cost of fakes is very low in terms of accessory production requirements, so the dust-bag fabric Whether it is weaving or printing, it is difficult to be comparable to the original product. Simply put, the fabric is either thick or thin, and the closed nylon rope is also of different thickness and is not wear-resistant. The authentic hand feels delicate and the sewing pictures or logos are clear.

As shown in the figure: There is a logo of the dust bag on the left and right, and you can judge the authenticity.

Learn these 5 points, the LoewePuzzle bag won't bother you at all.

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