How to distinguish the authenticity of the Archaeopteryx backpack? The true and false identification diagram of the Archaeopteryx backpack

by:JIYALI     2021-07-01

Arc'teryx Archaeopteryx backpack is very well-made and strong. It has a large space and can hold a lot of things. It is comfortable to carry and can be used for work and outing. So how do you distinguish the authenticity of the Archaeopteryx backpack? The editor below provides you with a diagram of the authenticity of the Archaeopteryx backpack.

Distinguish the true and false of Archaeopteryx backpack

The blue one is fake, and the black one is genuine. First, come with an ID photo, one for both the reverse and the front.

Many people say that they can be identified by the Arcteryx LOGO. In fact, I think the embroidery level is very high now, so unless it is particularly bad If there is no comparison, it is difficult to see the true and false. The following picture is a comparison photo (left false and right true), which can still be seen, especially the eyes and jumpers.

Then look at the label inside. The fake label on the left is very loose, and the handwriting is very light in color, not very black, and there are three extra black lines on the back. The table line on the front is misaligned to the back because of the inaccurate sewing limit. The genuine product on the right is clearly written clearly, with sufficient blackness, and the fabric is tight and smooth.

Let me take a look at the mantis letter embroidery on the side. The fake on the left is obviously because the fabric is not good, and the fabric is wrinkled after the letters are embroidered; the genuine one on the right is very fabric It is flat and the handwriting is very clear. Look at the glue inside the fabric. The fake glue is very thin and soft. The glued small squares are very clear because of the thinness, and the gloss is very poor, and the most disappointing thing is that there is a very long hidden The end of the thread; the genuine glued feel is very thick, the small squares are tight, and the gloss is excellent, and there is almost no thread.

Left is false, right is true

Left is false, right is true

Let's take a look at the material of the belt bayonet. The fake plastic material on the left is too rough, there are many burrs at the corners, the gloss is poor, the surface is not smooth enough, and there is obviously an extra plastic protruding line in the middle of the side. Because the mold is not tight, the rocklockster in the middle letter feels weak; the genuine product on the right is obviously bright and smooth, and the hand feels very hard. The rocklockster in the middle letter is very strong, and the side is almost flat with no excess plastic, and there is a small on the underside of the clip. Inside the claw recess, there is a number 8, which should represent what it means, there is no fake.

Let's take a look at the net material of the water cup bag on the side. The fake on the left is obviously too large and the material is loose. I can see the flesh color and color in my hand. Finger type; the genuine product on the right is obviously very tight, and the same put the hand in, it is obviously better than the fake one. At least there is not much flesh color, and the outline of the finger can be seen. There is also the suture between the strap and the backboard. Although the right product does not stitch the sponge of the inner core of the strap to the backboard, it is possible for the authentic product to bring the sponge close to the suture line, the distance is less than 0.5cm; and the left fake The sponge of the goods obviously still has a long distance from the suture line, at least more than 1cm.

Finally, let’s take a look at the zipper heads. They all say YKK, but the fake ones on the left are not difficult to see. The font of YKK is not strong enough, and the edges of the headings are not sharp. Clear, and the metal material is too bright, it feels very difficult when pulling back and forth, the resistance is obvious, it should not appear in this brand of bird; the authentic YKK font on the right is tough, the edges and corners are clear, the metal material is black and gray, and there will be no Very bright luster, smooth pulling back and forth, and little resistance.

The left side is false, the right side is true

The above is a comparison between the fake bird bag and the real bird bag. I hope to be correct Everyone is helpful! If fake goods are 100-200 yuan, all aspects of workmanship are still acceptable; but the price of 300-400 yuan is very worthless.

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