How to distinguish the authenticity of Gucci bags? Gucci Gucci bags authenticity identification map

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

gucci Gucci Gucci bag leather is soft, feels good, the style is made with care, and the layering is reasonable. So how to distinguish the authenticity of Gucci bags? The following editor provides you with a diagram of authenticity identification of Gucci Gucci bags.

Distinguish the authenticity of Gucci bags 1. Fabric

The leather part of the genuine Gucci bag is made of wild boar skin (WildBoarSkin), and wild boar skin is stronger than other leathers such as cowhide, calf leather or ostrich skin. The synthetic leather (Synthetic Leather) used for counterfeit goods smells like plastic. Although it is not easy to distinguish under normal circumstances, if it is newly bought, the difference between true and false will be obvious. Gucci nylon fabric part feels crisp and thick. The fake Gucci nylon cloth is relatively thin and has no texture to the touch

2, require repair or cleaning

If you have a GUCCI store in your local area, go to the store to verify the authenticity of the bag . Because many GUCCI stores have stipulated that they do not accept GUCCI products purchased without a store invoice, but the chain after-sales of the store can maintain and repair the authentic GUCCI products in your hand, so you can take the GUCCI products to the local store to request Repair or clean up, if it is returned after the sale, it will tell you that the bag is not genuine! This is a very effective method.

3. Workmanship

The real Gucci has a very fine workmanship. The stitches on the edge of the bag are straight and neat, while the workmanship of the fake Gucci may be very rough, with uneven car lines and crooked and skewed lines. Observe whether the end of the line is clean, and whether the inner leather fold or cutting line is flat, and careful comparison can make the fakes have nowhere to hide.

4. Double GLOGO

The double GLOGO pattern weave of the genuine Gucci is very neat, you can clearly see the pattern of the 2 capital letters G. Fake Gucci's double GLOGO pattern does not look like a clear capital letter G, but like C; and the genuine double G is separate and will not be connected together. The workmanship of the double GLOGO is perfect. Each stitch is in the same direction. If you slowly rotate the Gucci bag under the light, you will see the double G logo change color with the refraction of the light, but the double G logo of the counterfeit product does not Will change color.

5. Label number

There is a small label inside the genuine Gucci bag, the outside of the label is marked 'Gucci-MADEINITALY(modelnos) and batch number (batchnos). The font on the label of the fake lining may be blurred, and there is no serial number on the back of the label. The words inside and outside the small label on the genuine Gucci are very clear, they are printed, and the handwork is very delicate, while the words on the general counterfeit label look like printed on it, the hand is thick, and the font is not clear. Bag number problem: The bag number is generally divided into upper and lower rows, the upper row is the bag style (note: as long as the style is the same, even if the color is different, the number is the same); the most important is the lower row, before There are many sayings that the number of genuine GUCCI bags must not be repeated. This is a big mistake! The number in the second row is the number of the place of production or the workshop of the production factory, so if the number of the GUCCI bag is the same, Many will be the same!

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