How to distinguish the authenticity of Dongdaemun rainbow bag_Dongdaemun rainbow bag true and false comparison chart

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

Recently, a popular Dongdaemun rainbow bag appeared, because it can change color and can shine at night. It is simply too much. Many places are out of stock. So how do you distinguish the authenticity of the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag? The editor below provides you with a comparison chart of the authenticity of the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag.

Distinguish the authenticity of the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag

This Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag is said to be so popular that it can’t be bought at a price increase, all of which are out of stock. As a result, a lot of market currency fakes appeared. But the rainbow bag is the rainbow color as the name suggests, so the color matching order is very important. If you are not careful, it will be very low. Genuine and market goods are in the sky and the underground.

1. First of all, of course, the color matching of the bag, as well as the packaging bag. You can compare it carefully;

2. Inner lining: The original inner lining has fine workmanship and logo, the market version of the inner lining is not meticulous in workmanship, the fabric is rough and it is easy to absorb dust;

3, the difference between the bag buckle It is still very large, the market version is very bad at first glance;

4. Chain: authentic and delicate and lightweight, the market version of the rainbow bag chain is very heavy:

You can compare the pictures of the real and fake Dongdaemun Rainbow Bags I sent above to see if you bought the market version or the genuine one? But the girls who have not yet had to keep your eyes open. Now there are many fake pictures on the market, and the situation of wrong products often appears. Good luck.

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