How to distinguish the authenticity of custom-made leather men's bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
It takes a certain amount of experience to identify genuine leather bags, and sometimes old buyers will miss it. It doesn't matter if you are misleading, or lack of knowledge of the incident, or nonsense by a friend next to you. Everyone should understand that there are scientific testing methods, and they must speak and evaluate objectively.

Many customers will ask questions when they order leather men's bags, whether they are genuine leather or not, even after receiving the samples, they will still ask such questions. Many regular manufacturers will not say that artificial leather products are genuine leather products, just joking with their credibility. Of course, the intention of harm is not allowed, but the heart of defense is indispensable. The following editor will teach you how to distinguish a simple method of real leather.

First, look at the surface of the cortex. The real leather has clear pores and patterns. The pores of the cowhide are fine and dense, and the leather is irregularly arranged; the yellow cowhide has relatively well-proportioned fine pores, the yak has thicker and sparse pores, and the goat skin has scaly pores. Pores. Of course, the trimmed leather has undergone a 'facelift' on the surface of the natural leather. This type of leather has almost lost its original surface state, and it is not easy to see the pores. Although the technology of imitation leather is very advanced, the pores are very regular, and it can still be distinguished as artificial imitation leather.

Second, look at the cross section of the cortex. You can turn out the leather edges of cowhide bags, wallets, etc. The cross section of the leather edges can see some of the reason. The leather is looser and contains animal fibers, while artificial leather is tighter and has no fibers. Even the best imitation leather can't be finished like real leather.

Three, press the surface of the dermis with your fingers. Press the skin with your fingers, and there will be fine wrinkles on the surface. When the fingers are lifted, the wrinkles will disappear immediately in the dermis. Artificial leather and synthetic leather have no wrinkles, and wrinkles will not disappear naturally after individual pressing.

Four. Use your nails to pinch the surface of the cortex. The nail marks that were pinched out quickly disappeared and recovered to the original shape is the dermis, and the one that cannot be recovered or recovered for a long time is the fake skin.

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