How to distinguish between genuine and fake Nike bags? How do you see the authenticity of the Nike backpack?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

Nike not only makes shoes well, but also produces quite good bags, which are very popular among the public, especially the younger generation. But because of this, it led to the proliferation of counterfeit Nike bags on the market. So, how to buy genuine Nike bags? How to verify the authenticity of the bag?

The easiest way to distinguish the authenticity of Nike bags

If the authenticity of a trademark is difficult to distinguish from the bar code, letter distance and letter size, you can look at the trademark at this time Workmanship. In fact, the trademark should be embroidered with one stitch and one thread, not machined. Therefore, the authenticity can basically be distinguished through the trademark. How to distinguish the authenticity of the Nike bag? The authenticity of the Nike bag can be clearly seen from the trademark, because the difference between the two is indeed very obvious.

Of course, the true and false can also be seen by looking at the workmanship. How to distinguish the authenticity of Nike bags from the perspective of workmanship? How do you distinguish the authenticity of Nike bags? In fact, this time is to look at the stitches. The stitches of the genuine product are relatively dense and the workmanship can be said to be very meticulous. If it is an imitation, you can basically tell by just looking at the needle and thread of the Nike bag when you are going to do the authenticity identification, because the needle and thread density is not even enough.

How to distinguish the authenticity of the Bieke backpack 1. Logo

The real Nike logo (that is the legendary hook) will be embroidered very delicately, and the zipper There will usually be Nike's logo on it. The fake Nike logo (commonly known as A goods) is difficult for ordinary consumers to see at a glance, but if you look closely, you will find that the fake Nike logo is more or less flawed.

2. Details

The fake Nike bag is different from the real Nike bag in details such as accessories, material and feel. The fake Nike bag fabric feels lighter, thinner and rougher, and the zipper pulls back and forth. No authentic bag is more smooth and coherent. Visually, the straps and other details of the authentic bag are more shiny; at the same time, the design and materials of every detail are comfortable and unique.

3. Labels

Nike fabrics and ingredients labels are very detailed; at the same time, there are manufacturer information; for the meaning of Nike shoes, please see here for details: the meaning of the factory code of Nike shoes.

4. The price

The sky won’t lose pie, unless it’s a season change or a broken code. If the Nike bag price is below 40% off the counter price, you have to carefully consider whether it is a genuine Nike bag, below 30%. If it is not in a Nike store, it must be a fake.

Purchase advice

If you purchase in a private store, you must be cautious, so choose a standardized sales channel with guaranteed service, such as the famous discount network, and promise no reason to return the goods within seven days. Dear friends can concentrate on purchasing. The 08 new NIKE brand bag special offers provided by the famous discount network this time are provided by NIKE brand dealers, and 100% are subject to counter verification.

In addition, NIKE stores are all over the country, you can go directly to the counters for product comparison, such as signs, quotations, product textures, NIKE symbols, etc. 

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