How to deal with wallet wear? Wallet wear repair method

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

After the wallet is used for a long time, it is prone to wear and peeling, especially in the corners and corners. Once the wear and tear occurs, it will become more and more serious. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to deal with wallet wear and tear?

How to deal with the wear and tear of the wallet

1. Wipe the wallet clean first, and then apply egg white on the worn area, and then apply a layer of shoe polish after the egg is dry. The color of shoe polish should be selected according to the color of the bag. Black bag is painted with black shoe polish, and light-colored bag is painted with white shoe polish. After the shoe polish is applied, it is almost done. If you are afraid that the technique will not be smooth twice, you can mix egg white and shoe polish. For a better effect, apply a layer of brightening oil, so that the worn area will not be seen.

2. If you don’t have shoe polish, you can also choose crayons. Choose crayons of the same color as your wallet and apply them to the worn parts of your purse. When the wax penetrates into the leather, the wear marks will be covered.

How to avoid wear and tear on the wallet

Even the most beautiful leather products will not be left aside for people to admire. We also need them every day: as simple as putting in daily necessities , And even accompany us on our journey across the world, so whether it is leather shoes, leather accessories, leather bags, travel bags, leather gloves, etc., they will wear out.

Generally speaking, a mild soap solution is sufficient for daily cleaning and maintenance (wet it with a rag and then wipe it. Never immerse the leather foam in water to clean it). Leather cleaners found on the market are also very effective and contain lubricants to maintain the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt may have to be dealt with with mild detergents or require professional cleaning.

If the leather is worn, you can apply a non-greasy, colorless leather care cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then polish it with a clean soft cloth to make the leather regain its bright luster. It can also prevent the leather from drying out.

Precautions for wallet maintenance

Wallet, like shoes, is another type of active material. Using the same purse every day can easily cause the elasticity of the leather to fatigue, so Like shoes, several interchangeable use; if the leather bag gets wet by accident, you can use a dry towel to absorb the water first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and other things in it to dry in the shade. Don't expose it to the sun directly, it will Make your beloved bag faded and deformed.

When the leather wallet is not in use, it is best to store it in a cotton bag, do not put it in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag does not circulate, which will cause the leather to dry and damage. It is best to stuff the bag inside Put on some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the purse. If you don't have a suitable cloth bag, the old pillowcase will work well.

How to buy a wallet

1. Wallets can be divided into long and short wallets. In comparison between the two, long wallets seem to be better than short wallets. It’s more advanced, it’s more suitable for fashionable and avant-garde young people, while the short men’s wallet is more convenient and easy to take, and it is suitable for both young and mature men.

2. Choose according to the material of the wallet: If you want to say what material of the wallet looks noble and durable, you must count the wallet made of the first layer of cowhide.

3. Choose according to shallow practicality: Generally ordinary wallets can be used to store paper money and bank cards. With the continuous development of wallet style design, some practical wallets are more perfect in design. For example, there is also a special storage location for mobile phone cards and card slots, and a zipper design is more in line with the modern and capable image.

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