How to deal with scratches on leather bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-22

Leather bags are actually prone to scratches after being used for a long time, and for some bags with better leather, the scratches on the top will actually be obvious, so once the leather bag has scratches What should we do?

How to deal with scratches on the leather bag

1 Fengyoujing repair method

Prepare the right amount of facial tissues and the right amount of Fengyoujing. Use facial tissues to take appropriate amount of Fengyoujing to wipe the bag (wipe gently, the scratches are gone). Although the method is simple, it is very effective. Skin repair, after applying it, it will be better after a while.

2 Leather care oil repair method

The kind of small scratches can be painted with leather care oil. Generally speaking, they will be invisible. If the patent leather bag is scratched, wipe the scratched out first, mix the egg white with the leather oil of the same color, then join the scratched parts together, apply the mixture, and apply it twice more after drying until the painted area is larger than the surrounding area. The surface is high, polish it with a soft cloth the next day until it is smooth.

What to do if the leather bag has scratches?

Mix 1:1 with brown shoe polish and egg white, take a soft cloth and dipped in this thing to wipe the scratches, wait for half an hour and use it Just wipe it with a clean soft cloth! Try it! It’s easy, and leather shoes are also suitable!

Why are the leather bags scratched?

The leather bags are real leather, so soft. When you encounter sharp and sturdy objects (keys, nails, etc.), scratches are prone to scratches.

If the bag is severely scratched, it is recommended not to repair it yourself, and send it to a professional leather clothing, leather goods care store, or a professional laundry, or a leather shoe repair shop as soon as possible. After professional repair and maintenance, it is OK Help you solve the problem.

How to avoid scratches on leather bags

1. The things in the leather bags should be soft or slippery. Don't put some sharp objects, such as keys, and wrap them in a small cloth as soon as possible, and then put them in a leather bag.

2. The care of leather bags must be careful. It is recommended that you can buy some professional leather bag oil to care for your leather bags. It is recommended to use it every one month or so. If your bag is temporarily not carrying it, it is recommended to leave it for three months and wipe it with leather bag oil.

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