How to deal with scratches on leather bags? How to deal with the wear and tear of cowhide bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

The cowhide bag is a style that many people will choose now. The material of cowhide is very textured, and the style of the cowhide bag is also particularly good-looking. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you how to deal with scratches on leather bags? How to deal with the wear and tear of cowhide bags?

How to deal with scratches on cowhide bags

The biggest fear of leather bags is scratches, which are difficult to repair. After scratches, the bags look particularly ugly. Let’s see how to repair them. !

1. For large scratches, first remove the stains on the scratches, and then use leather repair cream to fill the scratches. 2 days after filling, use the leather stain of the same color as the leather to apply to the bag scratches After a little dry, apply leather furniture brightener, and then wipe it with a soft cloth to let the leather furniture brightener (maintenance wax) penetrate into the cortex. In this way, the traces of wear are invisible.

2. For small scratches, use a towel to remove the stains on the scars. Choose a wax pen of the same color as the leather, apply it to the scratched part of the bag, then apply paraffin wax, and then polish it with a soft cloth. Let the paraffin penetrate into the cortex. Such small scratches will disappear.

How to deal with the worn-out cowhide bag

The first thing we have to do is to wipe the cowhide bag clean first, and then apply egg white to the worn area, and wait until the eggs are dried. Apply another layer of shoe polish. The color of shoe polish should be selected according to the color of the bag. Black bag is painted with black shoe polish, and light-colored bag is painted with white shoe polish. After the shoe polish is applied, it is almost done. If you are afraid that the technique will not be smooth twice, you can mix egg white and shoe polish. For a better effect, apply a layer of brightening oil, so that the worn area will not be seen.

If there is no shoe polish, we can also choose crayons. Choose the crayons of the same color as the bag and apply them to the worn parts of the leather bag and gently wipe them. After the wax penetrates into the leather, the wear marks will be covered.

Of course, there are currently many laundry shops with specialized leather bag maintenance. Send the bag for emergency repairs. After the maintenance is completed, the small wear can disappear, and the large wear can be reduced, which is very useful. If your bag is a brand-name bag, it is recommended that you can do leather bag maintenance.

How to maintain the cowhide bag

1. Be careful not to get the cowhide bag wet. If it gets wet, use a towel to absorb the moisture. Keep the leather dry to prevent the bag Folds and exploded skin.

2. When using the cowhide bag, be careful not to drop it casually, and place it in a place that is not easy to scratch. If you throw away the bag at will, it will be easy to scratch the bag.

3. Be careful not to put the cowhide bag in a high-temperature place or be exposed to the sun. The leather bag will be counted as the leather surface after being placed in a high-temperature place for a long time or exposed to the sun, causing loss of color and bursting of the skin.

4. The frosted cowhide bags should be kept clean and not stained with dirt on the leather surface. Once there is dirt, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise the long-term dirt on the leather surface will corrode Leather surface, causing dirt to be difficult to remove.

How to tell if cowhide bags are true or not?

① Artificial leather and synthetic leather are characterized by no pores on the surface. Observe carefully that the real leather has clear pores and patterns. Goat skin has scaly pores, pig skin has rough triangular pores, yellow cowhide has relatively well-proportioned fine pores, and yak skin has coarser and sparse pores. As for the artificial leather, although some have imitated the pores, it is not clear. Most of them only have patterns pressed to imitate the leather style. No matter how similar synthetic leather such as 'imitation sheepskin' is, the traces of the mold after plastic pressing can be seen carefully.

②Leather leather feels plump and smooth; artificial leather and synthetic leather will feel wet and sticky if you hold them with your hands for a long time. The surface of cowhide is smooth and clean, with fine particles and high strength; the surface of pigskin has larger pores and roughness, and its appearance is not as good as cow leather; the surface of sheepskin is finer and the texture is softer. Real leather feels astringent to the touch, while artificial leather is smoother. The cross-section layer of the real leather upper has a tight layer of epidermis and leather fibers, while artificial leather has no leather fibers but cloth or synthetic materials.

③At the junction of large and small pieces of leather, the stitching of the leather It is relatively dense (5-6 stitches per centimeter). If the stitches of the fake leather are too dense, it will be easy to pull when forming, so most people don't dare to drive it too densely.

④The real cowhide will have a natural cowhide scent when you smell it with your nose, and will not stab your nose. Some people will especially like this smell. Fake leather shoes generally have a nasty artificial leather or rubber smell. Fake leather has the smell of plastic cloth, and there is no smell of scorching hair when burned.

⑤Use your fingers to pull up the top from the back of the leather. The leather texture becomes thinner and brighter, and the leather texture becomes the synthetic leather.

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