How to deal with scratches on Crazy Horse skin? Literary youth love to use it

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

In recent years, Crazy Horse leather bags have become more and more well-known in China, especially on the Internet. Many sellers have begun to sell them. However, the biggest disadvantage of Crazy Horse leather is that it is easy to scratch. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to deal with Crazy Horse skin scratches?

How to deal with the scratches on Crazy Horse leather

Whether it is Crazy Horse leather bags or shoes, it is easy to get scratches, and once the scratches appear, it is difficult to restore the original condition. You can take the following These methods can be solved.

Crazy horse leather is called oil-impregnated discoloration leather in the mainland. With a finger stroke, the surface oil will migrate and the background color will leak out. This is the scratch you see. The way to eliminate it is to apply discoloration oil on the scratch. Or beef hoof oil, another method is to iron with an electric iron to make the leather surface evenly oily and restore the original appearance. See the scratch below you, it is scratch, it is caused when the cow is alive, this kind of scratch needs scratching cream, covering, it is not suitable for Crazy Horse skin unpainted shave style.

Introduction of Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is an abbreviation for leather making. People in Taiwan are called mad cowhide, while in mainland China it is called oil-impregnated leather. The hand feels smooth, and the skin will change color when pushed by hand. The material is mainly the first layer of cowhide embryo, which belongs to the middle and high-end leather. Crazy horse leather has a messy and disorderly surface, a strong feel of leather, and can show the color change effect of the base color when it is pressed. , Because of its better flexibility, it is especially suitable for high-end belt products. The sales of Crazy Horse leather products in foreign countries, especially in Europe, America and Japan, are much higher than the domestic sales; because foreigners have a higher acceptance of Crazy Horse leather products from the consumer perspective. Crazy Horse leather products have special scratches, but as time goes by, it will become brighter and brighter. The quality is relatively excellent leather products.

Why Crazy Horse Leather is popular

Because of the rough texture and relatively simple craftsmanship of Crazy Horse Leather, this leather material can be produced even in small factories, so the price is Being suppressed by the market and hoarding in large quantities, many early domestic handmade brands (such as a cottage) made a large number of handmade style leather goods with this leather. At this time, the handmade was distorted into a rough, strong, and casual definition. Of course, this may also be the most preliminary understanding of handmade leather goods when most people enter the industry.

The goodness of this style of leather goods is that it can be produced at a very fast speed when the version is determined by a single order. When a factory does not have a stable distributor, mass shipments are The foundation of survival, such as the basic equipment of a luggage factory: countertop, oiler, turner, pattern maker, cutter, changer, etc., and this type of leather goods can simplify the process the most: because of the leather The material is relatively stiff, easy to process, the traces of the stitching do not need to be adjusted excessively (itself is a rough leather material, and there are not a few people who are too picky about the stitches). No, you don’t need oil side workers, you can open the material easily, etc. All you need is a car! A car! A car! So the Crazy Horse skin quickly became a mass-produced, non-A product, and a representative of the style (handmade rough style), the market Good acceptance.

The difference between genuine leather and artificial leather

'Leather' is a common word in the leather products market. It is a customary name for natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather. In the consumer's mind, 'dermis' also has a non-fake meaning. Animal leather is a kind of natural leather, which is what we often call genuine leather. It is made from animals (raw hides) after tanning and processing in a leather factory to make leather materials with various characteristics, strength, feel, colors, and patterns. It is a necessary material for modern leather products. The processing process of genuine leather animal leather is very complicated, and the finished leather needs to go through dozens of processes: raw hide-soaking in water-removing meat-degreasing-dehairing-soaking alkali- --Expansion - Deashing - Softening - Pickling - Tanning - Splitting - Shaving - Retanning - Neutralizing - ---Dyeing----Refueling-----Filling-----Drying----Finishing----Finishing----finished leather. There are also many types. According to the materials, the common ones are sheep leather, cow leather, horse leather, snake leather, pig leather, crocodile leather, etc. According to performance, they can be divided into two-layer leather, full-grain leather, suede leather, and modified leather. Top leather, film leather, composite leather, painted split leather, etc.

Artificial leather is also called imitation leather or rubber, which is a general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. It is made on a woven fabric base or a non-woven fabric base by foaming or laminating various formulas of PVC and PU. It can be made according to different strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, color, gloss, and pattern. Patterns and other requirements are processed and made, with the characteristics of a wide variety of patterns, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and relatively low price compared to real leather. Artificial leather is a very popular type of material, which is commonly used to make various leather products, or to replace some of the genuine leather materials. Its increasingly advanced production technology is being widely used in the processing and production of two-layer leather. Nowadays, artificial leather with characteristics similar to real leather has been produced. Its surface technology and fibrous structure of the base material can almost achieve the effect of real leather, and its price is comparable to that of domestic top layer leather.

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