How to customize leather wallets and common sense of wallet customization

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
Customized leather wallets are increasingly being loved and loved by more and more customers. They are high-end, magnificent, noble and show taste. These customized leather products bring customers a high-quality life enjoyment. In modern life, leather wallets are very popular among people who love beauty. However, when buying leather wallets, most people only look at the style and material, and are half-knowing or indifferent to other details related to the quality of the wallet. Below JIYALI reveals some important details that consumers easily overlook.

1. Wallet customization does not talk about cost performance, 'cheap is not good,' good goods are not cheap. This sentence is the eternal truth, wallet customization is originally a high-end leather enjoyment, if it is just for purely buying a bag You can go directly to Taobao or physical stores to buy them. The pursuit of wallet customization is to show the charm of art in life, and seek the ultimate fit between function and aesthetics. The tailor-made exclusive service makes each work more suitable for the needs of customers, so that each work can exist as a unique artistic masterpiece, which not only demonstrates the noble and extraordinary temperament of the owner, but also creates The classic glory passed down forever.

2. Don’t be confused by low-cost leather bag customization

Consumers who like to make the first mistake often fall into the second mistake, which is the same material and the same style. Whoever chooses the low price will inevitably compare the price of 30 yuan or 300 yuan, but it is easy to overlook the essence of leather bag customization and many important details. Genuine leather bag customization is to satisfy consumers' high-end artistic pursuits, and it brings a kind of luxurious enjoyment. It is not so much a leather bag as it is to create a work of art. In addition, cheap leather bags are often customized by small factories or products with no brand strength. They are just for survival. One order is one order. Although the effect is made, the consumption is often inferior to that of the big brands in terms of appearance. However, you know that it uses old and cheap equipment, inferior materials, ordinary craftsmen, imitation crafts, and even no craftsmanship at all. Of course, these are places that consumers are not easy to detect, and they are really places where the strength of leather bag customization is exquisite. Such examples are very common among JIYALI's new customers. Cheap leather bags have been customized elsewhere. After a year, there are many people who can't find after-sales. Finally, they have to re-customize a batch of leather bags at JIYALI for a customer. It can be said that the gain is not worth the loss.

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