How to clean the stained leather bag with these coups

by:JIYALI     2021-07-22

In the process of use, leather bags are actually very likely to be dyed, especially some light-colored bags, which are likely to be dyed the blue of jeans after being worn with jeans. How do we deal with dyed bags?

How to clean the leather bag after dyeing

1. You can buy the dyeing potion directly at the store, follow the instructions and apply abruptly, and then apply a little shoe polish to restore the original luster of the leather bag. !

2. Neutral foam cleaning agent (the kind of pure white foam) can be used. Just follow the usual method of washing your bags.

3. Under normal circumstances, if the staining of the leather bag is not serious, you can try to clean it with toothpaste. Choose ordinary toothpaste, squeeze it on the stained area, and gently scrub with the brush that usually brushes the shoes, and the problem of how to clean the stained leather bag will soon be solved.

4. The least damage to the leather bag is to rub it hard with an eraser. However, this is really strenuous, so if you don't have anything to do, you can choose to use a wind oil or a clean sponge to moisten the shoe polish that you usually wash your shoes with.

How to wash the leather bag for dyeing?

1. Rinse it with neutral soap. Then wrap a paper towel on the outside and air dry.

2, buy an eraser (the best white one).

3. First wipe it with Fengyoujing, and then use white toothpaste.

4. Dip a towel with a little egg white and wipe the dirty place. The dirt is gone in a few clicks.

5. You can wipe it with cotton dipped in wind oil.

6. After applying the toothpaste, wipe it off with a cloth.

7. Add white vinegar to wash in warm water. White vinegar can clean many pigments and organics in daily life!

8. Designed for heavy dirt and white leather Meijiewang leather cleaning.

Cleaning method of leather bag stains

1. Take a piece of soft cloth, dip it in wind oil, and wipe it gently on the leather.

2. If the leather goods are dirty, you can dip some wind oil and rub them on the leather goods for a while.

3. After scrubbing with Fengyoujing, wipe the whole leather with a clean soft cloth and dry it in a cool, ventilated place.

Reminder: The leather goods that have been scrubbed with Fengyoujing are best to wait for it to dry before storing or using it. This is because if you touch the leather without drying out, you may leave unsightly fingerprints.

Leather bag maintenance method

The first

Please do not take the brand-name bag to the dry cleaner for cleaning and maintenance. Please do not use shoe polish for maintenance, you must choose professional products for maintenance.

The second article

The leather maintenance liquid should be used to wipe the bag. Different leathers have different maintenance liquids. You can wipe the bottom of the bag before all-inclusive care to check whether it works.

The third article

When the leather is suede, use a soft animal hair brush to remove it. Be sure to wipe it gently. Too much force will whiten the leather and leave marks.

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