How to clean suede bags? What should I do if my suede bag is dirty?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

The suede bag is a style that many girls will especially like in autumn and winter. It looks good and suits the atmosphere of autumn and winter. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to clean suede bags? What should I do if my suede bag is dirty?

How to clean the suede bag

The suede bag is not as dirty as a normal leather bag. Just wipe it off, especially the light-colored bags, which require large-scale cleaning.

1. Use 50g of milk, 30g of detergent, and 20g of alcohol (the purity is not mentioned on the TV, I suggest you buy it at the pharmacy) and mix it.

2. Dip the liquid with a soft-bristle brush, and brush the bag lightly. Among them, the zipper can be used to brush the key points.

3. Wipe clean with a clean damp towel, preferably several times to avoid any detergent residue.

4. Finally, rub the whole bag with olive oil. This is to make the bag look shiny. This step is very important. Note that it is not edible olive oil. It is the kind you sell in supermarkets for beauty and skin care. I use makeup sponges to dip in olive oil for rubbing with olive oil.

5. Set aside and dry (mainly the zipper piece).

6. When using the bag, wipe off the olive oil with toilet paper.

What to do if the suede bag is dirty

If the suede bag is dirty, you can use a soft brush to brush it. If the brush is not clean, you can use an eraser. In addition, there are special scratches. Special spray for hair and suede. Never use water, just use an unnecessary toothbrush. Generally, it is not a large area of u200bu200bstains. It is recommended to wipe it and wash as little as possible.

Precautions for maintenance of suede bags

Generally, suede bags should not be wet-washed, and they are usually dry cleaned with solvents. Similarly, there are double-sided soft leather and foam leather. Washing solvent: >90 #gasoline or perchloroethylene, frosted leather cleaning frosted leather is usually called suede, similar to oil frosted leather. Generally, suede leather has high requirements for washing. Improper dry cleaning is easy to decolor, degrease, and harden. Improper wet washing is easy to deform, wrinkle, and stain.

In addition, the most problematic leather bags are after maintenance. Some feel dry and hard; some have thick coatings, feel stiff and sticky, and have a strong plastic feel. Light-colored leather bags have public flowers, The chromatic aberration is serious; some wet wipe the color and so on. Here, it is recommended that the majority of consumers go to the professional leather maintenance shop designated by the manufacturer or the professional leather clothing washing and dyeing shop in the society when maintaining their leather clothing. So as not to damage your beloved bag.

How to choose a bag that suits you

Clothes and bags: fabric and color coordination

If you are a girl who chasing fashion, you love to wear fashionable colors For clothes, you should choose a bag that is in harmony with popular colors; if you like to wear solid-color clothes, you should match yourself with some brightly colored and fancy bags. If you like to wear boyish clothing such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, you should choose 'hard bags' such as nylon, plastic, and thick canvas; if you like to wear girly clothing such as knitted sweaters and shirts, then you should wear some lace , Hemp or soft cotton and other 'soft bags'. Of course, the fabric of the clothing has changed, and the texture of the bag needs to be changed accordingly.

Face shape and bag: strength and softness combined

If you have a boyish face with clear facial features, prominent brows, and protruding cheekbones, it is best to choose a striped and masculine face Bags; girls with gentle eyes, round noses, and melon-seeded faces are best to choose cute bags with beads and sequins.

Height and bag: length complements each other

When the bag is clamped under the armpit, the thickness of the bag is a problem that must be paid attention to. Girls with large breasts and thick waists should choose thin and slender rectangular bags; while girls with flat chests and boy-like bodies should choose thick triangular bags. If you prefer a large bag, you must consider your height. Girls who are taller than 165cm can choose a bag that is about 60cm in length and can be put into a magazine vertically; for those who are under 157cm, they can choose a bag that is about 50cm in length and can be put into a magazine in a horizontal direction.

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