How to clean my wallet if it has hairy? Purse hair cleaning method

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

The wallet is prone to problems if you do not pay attention to the method when storing it. Long hair is one of them. If it is placed in a humid environment for a long time, it will grow hair. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you how to clean your wallet if it has hairy

How to clean the wallet if it grows hair

Generally speaking, you can wipe the moisture and dirt on the leather wallet with a dry towel, clean it up with a leather cleaner, and then apply a layer of leather brightener. This will keep the leather always soft and comfortable.

Because of the strong absorption of leather wallets, attention should be paid to anti-fouling. If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean damp cotton cloth and a warm detergent, and then let it dry naturally. You can try it out in an inconspicuous corner before formal use. If the leather wallet is wrinkled, it can be ironed with an iron, and the temperature can be controlled between 60-70 degrees. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth as a lining ironing cloth, and at the same time keep moving the iron. If the leather wallet loses its luster, it can be polished with leather polish. Don't wipe it with leather shoe polish. Generally, the softness and luster of the leather can be maintained and the service life of the leather can be prolonged after the first light in one or two years.

Pay attention to frequent maintenance of the wallet. Plan to keep it clean once a week. Dip a clean towel with water to wring out the water. Do not use force. Repeat a few times for gentle wiping and frequent maintenance. It is impossible to cause more serious pollution.

Why does the wallet grow hairy?

First, your wallet is made of genuine leather. In spring and early summer when the weather is humid and the temperature is high, if you don’t use it frequently or store it next to your skin, It is easy to breed mold and cause hair growth.

Second, although your wallet is not made of genuine leather, it has been contaminated with nutrients and has not been cleaned in time, and you don’t use it frequently or store it next to your skin. In spring or early summer, Easy to breed mold. As long as the mold is washed away, putting a little mothball in the wallet can also prevent the wallet from getting moldy.

How to maintain the wallet

1 The wallet should be avoided under strong light as much as possible to prevent the grease of the cowhide wallet from being soaked up, resulting in damage to the fibrous tissue, and the cowhide wallet is exposed to strong light for a long time Hardening and aging will appear underneath, and eventually become brittle.

2 The cowhide wallet should not be in contact with acid and alkaline substances to prevent the cowhide wallet from being corroded.

3When the wallet is not in use, put some paper in the wallet to prevent deformation caused by long-term non-use of the wallet.

4 If the wallet is wet from the rain or the wallet is stained with water due to other reasons, it should be wiped clean with a rag in time, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry to prevent mold.

5 When the cowhide wallet becomes moldy, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and then apply a special leather care agent.

How to select wallet materials

(1)Sheep leather: including goatskin and sheepskin;

Goatskin: fine and beautiful grain, good softness, Fastness is not as good as cow leather. Beautiful and comfortable, slightly less durable, mainly used for mid-range leather shoes and leather clothing. Sheep skin: It has better softness than goat skin and worse firmness.

(2)Cattle leather:

Cattle leather includes yellow cow leather, buffalo leather, yak leather, and yak leather; characteristics of yellow cowhide: fine grain, thick skin, high strength, Its fullness and elasticity are also better. Its characteristic is that the finished product is beautiful to wear, comfortable and durable. Yak cowhide and yak cowhide: the grain is worse than that of yellow cowhide, and other properties are roughly similar; buffalo cowhide: rough surface, loose fiber, lower strength than yellow cowhide, and other properties similar to yellow cowhide.

(3)Pig leather:

Pig leather is quite different from cattle and sheep leather. The grain of pig leather is rougher, the fiber is tight and plump, the elasticity is slightly lower, and the strength is similar to that of cattle leather. , Its finished products are durable and have poor aesthetics.

(4) Two-layer leather: (split leather)

In leather processing, thicker animal skins need to be split into several layers through a splitting machine to obtain uniform thickness Leather, and get more leather in quantity. The side where animal skin grows hair is the first layer leather, also called grain leather; the layers below the first layer leather are called two-layer leather, three-layer leather, and four-layer leather respectively. The two-layer suede leather can be used for leather shoes, clothing, and gloves. And soft bags, etc., two-layer shaved, film, and transfer leather are used for leather shoes, leather balls and suitcases.

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