How to choose leather materials for custom leather bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-22
Customized leather bags have almost become the trend of buying new bags. Customized leather bags have more personality than purchased leather bags and are more suitable for your own style. The emergence of leather bag customization has also become a new choice for people.

On the one hand, the customization of leather bags meets the needs of pursuing fashion and individuality. The important thing is that we can choose our healthier and environmentally friendly leather materials, and today I will share with you how to choose the materials for custom leather bags.

First of all, when we want to choose environmental protection leather, the domestic market is basically in line with European environmental protection standards. How do we distinguish it?

First, look at the authorization verification, and second, look at whether there is an environmentally friendly label on the leather material. Generally speaking, these are businesses that are afraid to cheat.

1. Under the premise of ensuring environmental protection, we all know the quality of leather bags, and we rely on the quality of leather to determine the value of bags. The skin thickness of cowhide is 0.5 to 1.5% of the total thickness; sheep skin and goat skin are 2 to 3%; and pig skin is 2 to 5%. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing leather.

2, it is important to note that in order to save costs, some manufacturers use single-sided leather on the market. In the later period, the service life is greatly reduced. More importantly, these leathers are processed in the later period, which will seriously affect the environmental pollution. Therefore, we have to choose products from large factories and export products.

3, depending on the stitching position of the leather bag and the choice of hardware, generally small factories or hand-made on-site can only use simple stitching and glue connection. The latest new model is that we want to reduce the glue usage in the leather bag manufacturing process to make the bags more environmentally friendly.

4, to observe the overall grade of the package, we need to proceed from the overall situation. Whether the material used in a whole bag is high-quality leather material, good leather material can prolong the service life. The second is the excellent bag making experience, which makes the whole bag look more classy and tasteful. Of course, if you need more durability, it is recommended to make it by hand.

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