How to choose a girl's bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-02

Any girl must have more than one bag. It’s too monotonous. We all need to choose different bags according to clothes and where we want to go. So today I’m going to teach you girls How to choose the bag?

Functional bag

Let’s start with the most practical bag. Of course, the bag must be able to fit. This kind of oversized canvas bag is very nice and super practical, and it is usually used as a shopping bag or when The backs of the school bags are great. And now many canvas bag patterns are also designed very cool, which can definitely meet the fashion you want.

Decorative bag

The canvas bag above may not be suitable for more mature little fairies. For babies who have graduated for many years, they may be buying bags. Will be more fancy fashion. Girls of this age will have some occasions where they pay more attention to matching, so this kind of decorative bag is a must. It is not so important if it is not practical.

All-match bag

The last thing I want to say is all-match. After all, we can’t be the same as those hipsters. Every outfit is equipped with a bag. Most A person is still a bag with multiple sets of clothes, so versatile is the key. This small black square bag is a very common one among all-match bags, and it can also be harmoniously matched with autumn and winter clothes.

Everyone chooses bags according to the above three principles!

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