How to choose a bag? Let's see what everyone has learned

by:JIYALI     2021-05-27
As a leather goods manufacturer, it is very important to understand the trend of the market, and it is also very important to understand the experience of female customers in buying bags. For example, how to choose the style of buying bags? Or is this bag worth buying? Is this bag easy to use? ...And so on these questions. Then let our leather goods manufacturers talk about it based on the feedback from the customers we know!

Choose from the color

Generally, it is mainly diamond color, black, elephant gray, golden brown, and white. These colors are very good to match and are basically not out of date. If you If you don't know how to choose, you might as well start with these colors first!

Choose from the style and capacity

For styles, many people like the generous and simple design, and then have a certain capacity. After all, most of the bags are bought , It is still necessary to match the daily life, so practicality is also very important, otherwise it is easy to buy it and leave it idle. In addition, the less practical bags. According to the needs of some occasions in my daily life, I will start with a few, such as attending parties, dinners, brand invitations, etc., but I need some more delicate and small handbags to match some small dresses. These basically can't put anything, mainly for matching!

First choose from classic models

Last point, many people’s bags may have been bought a few years ago, but some people prefer The previous model! It's not very outdated. The current consumption concept has changed. Once the seasonal season has passed, there is basically nothing to behold, and the elimination is relatively fast! Therefore, if you buy a bag, it is better to buy classic models, especially for babies who are just getting started, they must start with classic models first, so that it is not easy to be out of date.

As a leather goods manufacturer, JIYALI has been paying attention to the classic and popular elements of bags. In this way, you can not lag behind in the production of bags, find a leather goods manufacturer, and welcome to consult JIYALI.

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