How to carry the bucket bag fashion? Bucket bag fashion collocation

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

The bucket bag is a more popular bag, which can be matched with all kinds of clothing. Today, the editor of No.5 net will introduce to you, how to carry the bucket bag in fashion? What are the fashionable combinations of bucket bag?

How to carry the bucket bag in fashion

bucket bag + flight suit : As the jacket with the highest appearance rate this year, the flight suit has long been a hand-made one. If you want to stand out, matching is the key. A fashionable bucket bag is perfect to help you embellish your whole body look and attract attention.

Bucket bag + fur: Fur is no longer exclusive to celebrities and ladies. It has already become a sharp tool for fashionistas to use for concave shapes. It not only keeps cold and warm, but also has a full gas field. Pair it with jeans. Fun in the street style. Take another bucket bag to increase the fashion index!

Bucket bag + leather: short leather clothes with sports pants, this kind of mix and match is the most fashionable combination this year. Not only does it have a high rate of turning heads and has a maverick personality, it can also create long legs. Match it with a clutch bag to attract the eyeballs of little experts!

Bucket bag + skirt: If you are an elegant and romantic little princess, please match yourself directly like this, refreshing and capable, avoid Those cumbersome collocations, but remember to bulge out the light-colored attire for the bucket bag.

Bucket bag fashion collocation

The bucket bag in the sense of fashion first appeared in 1932. Mr. Gaston Louis Vuitton, the third-generation descendant of LV, in order to meet the needs of a Champagne winemaker, He designed a durable and elegant bag to hold famous wines such as champagne, so the first drawstring bucket bag (called the champagne bag at the time) was born. The bucket bag has undergone a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors after being used by various hipsters and decades of evolution from the original tool bag. Whether it is a bag with a soft texture and a soft look, or a bag with a strong design and a simple design, it has practical attributes, and it is also the handbag that celebrities often choose when they go out of the street.

The choice of bucket bag

It doesn’t matter what bucket bag you buy in leather. If you have budget constraints or environmentally conscious faux leather, you can avoid canvas materials. Okay, otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood that it is a backpack behind the mouth. Secondly, the fewer elements the better, and less is more. The color can be bright but not complicated, and the style is really not too fancy, because the preferences of girls are really fickle. And the less the above elements, the less likely it will go out of fashion, and you can also guarantee that you will want to carry it in the future, so as to avoid this year's tragedy of losing the next year, especially the leather bags, which are worthy of staying with you for many years.

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