How to carry a small bag beautifully 4 fashionable ways to carry a small bag

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

Although the decoration of the small bag is always greater than the actual capacity, the fashionableness of the small bag on the back makes the hipsters willing to pack less furniture to go out. The charming small bag that has been rammed for a while has a new evolution, in addition to being more miniature, appearance and details are also more abundant changes. Come and see which cafe this year is the most ridiculous!

Four kinds of fashionable backs for small bags

#New Year's small bags focus: the thickness should be enough, the shoulder straps should be expensive

The thickness of this year's small bag has become more obvious, and the decoration of the bag itself has also taken away the focus of the whole body; another important point is the wide shoulder design, embossed shoulder straps with eye-catching colors, although the practicality is omitted. Consider, but it is more interesting to carry the small bag on your body as an accessory. Look at the black and white OOTD of Sister Bella (left) and Kaia Gerber (right), with a small colorful bag on her body, and it will come alive immediately after wearing it. Or to the trendy people in the middle, choose a checkered skirt of the same color to echo the eye-catching bag color matching. Walking on the road makes it difficult for people to look at them~

#Grasp the 'short beltCarrying or carrying is so fashionable.

It’s not fashionable to carry a small bag. You should also pay attention to the way of carrying the bag. (Left) The hipster shortens the shoulder strap and puts it casually. Carry it in your hand, all green and a touch of red contrast color to wear fashionable and stylish; (middle) IreneKim and (right) trendy people choose 'primary school students slanting back' by coincidence. Pay attention~ The position of the bag is placed in front of the waist, so it doesn’t look like a cute pupil!

#Pili waist bag hangs on the shoulders, it looks good when stuck on the chest u0026 under the arms

The evolution of the small bag is also this one. It was originally a thunderbolt waist bag tied around the waist. This time, the trendy people like to make it obliquely stuck in front of the chest or under the armpit. The side-back method of the Thunderbolt waist bag should pay special attention to the length of the strap. Too loose will make it look awkward to run around, and the clothes are too tight to draw wrinkles and adjust to the most suitable length in order to recite the trendy sense of volition.

#The small bag replaces the belt, and it is more domineering when tied on the waist

The trendy people did not let go of the vacant waist, pass the thin belt on the bag through the trousers, and use the small bag as The belt is made, and it blends with the outfit. The belt-style back method allows the small bag to not only have the waist waist function, but also eliminates the extra effort of carrying a bag (can save it?), and the unbridled look is quite handsome.

It is also a small waist bag, and the other three presented it with a higher-profile 'waist-seal' back method, choosing a small bag with a middle width and attaching it to the coat, not only secretly making a high waist The scheming effect will make you look fashionable and avant-garde.

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