How to carry a messenger bag looks good, pay attention to these rules

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

When carrying a messenger bag, you must first pay attention to the length of the strap, and then the style and shape of the bag are very important. In addition, there are many points to pay attention to on the matching of the bag and the clothes. Let’s learn about it together. Right.

How to carry a messenger bag looks good on the back

First of all, adjust the strap of the bag. In order to meet the needs of people of different heights when producing messenger bags, manufacturers will definitely set the straps to different lengths. For consumers, although when buying a messenger bag, there is no need to over-consider the question of how long the bag is, but it should be considered when it comes to backpacks. How does a messenger bag look good on the back? From the point of view of the length of the strap, it is generally better to be near the waist. If it is too low, the backpack will be less effective.

Next is the color matching. In fact, the color matching of this backpack is very important. Of course, this is not to say that it has to be the same color as the clothes, because it may bring completely different effects because of the color of the clothes and the color of the bag. However, if there are already many colors of clothes, try not to set more colors on the messenger bag.

Common carrying method of crossbody bag

1 shoulder back

It makes the weight of the bag press on one side, so that one side of the spine is compressed, and the other side Being stretched will cause unequal muscle tension and balance imbalance. The blood circulation of the compressed side shoulder will also be affected to a certain extent. Over time, it may cause abnormal high and low shoulders and abnormal curvature of the spine. Therefore, it is only suitable for carrying bags that are not too heavy for a short time.

2 Diagonal Backpack

The shoulder straps are fixed, not easy to slip off, and the shoulder joints do not need to move forward to avoid hunchback. But still only one side of the shoulder is stressed. If only one shoulder is used to carry the back for a long time, it may cause the shoulder to deform over time.

Three hands hold

The wrist and the arm are kept in the same straight line. One posture is the most relaxed. Using the upper arm and forearm muscles, the trapezius muscle is less involved, and the probability of causing high and low shoulders is low. However, the finger grip is limited, and the weight of the bag is concentrated on the finger joints. If the bag is too heavy, it will cause finger fatigue.

Precautions for messenger bags

First, it should not be too big, it is better to be small and exquisite. Because oriental girls are generally petite, carrying a big bag, especially the kind of vertical long bag, will make the body shorter.

Second, the bag should not be too thick, otherwise the back is like a big buttocks protruding, and the front is like a big belly, which lacks beauty.

How to choose a messenger bag

1. Structural design

The structural design of the messenger bag is the most important, because it determines the practicality, durability, and comfort of the bag. Many aspects of performance. The function of the bag is not that the more the better, the overall design should be simple and practical, not fancy. Whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design structure of the carrying system. The carrying system usually consists of a strap, a waist belt and a back cushion. A comfortable bag should have a wider, thicker and adjustable strap, waist belt and back cushion. The back pad should preferably have a perspiration vent.


Material selection includes two aspects: fabric and parts. Fabrics should generally have the characteristics of wear resistance, tear resistance, and waterproof. The more popular ones are Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and real leather. Components include waist buckles, all zippers, shoulder strap and chest strap fasteners, cover and body fasteners, external strap fasteners, etc. These buckles are usually made of metal and nylon, and you need to distinguish them carefully when buying.

3. Workmanship

refers to the quality of the stitching process between the shoulder belt and the body, between the fabric, the cover and the body, etc., to ensure the necessary stitching firmness, The stitches should not be too large or too loose.

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