How to buy a canvas bag? What should I pay attention to when washing a canvas bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-02

Everyone should have heard of or have a canvas bag in life, do you like canvas bags? Do you know canvas bags? Today, I will let you know how to buy a canvas bag and what to pay attention to when washing a canvas bag. Let's learn together with the editor.

How to buy a canvas bag

1. From the fabric, the cloth bag is mainly made of canvas, corduroy, woolen velvet, etc. In winter, it will be equipped with some artificial wool, good quality canvas, corduroy fabric The texture is uniform, the hand feel is fine, and the hand feel is not very smooth.

2. Style is the main means to express the style of the product, and it can also keyly express the customer's willingness to buy. The Canvas Republic canvas bag has a simple and fashionable style, clean and beautiful color, which has become the first bright spot to attract customers. Good style is the cornerstone of successful sales.

3. In terms of workmanship, the finer the stitches are sewn, the stronger the bag and the harder it is to open the thread.

4. From the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks, etc., the best I have seen now is copper, of course, the weight is also very heavy.

What should I pay attention to when washing a canvas bag?

I. Cleaning for the first time: When the bag is bought for the first time, it needs special treatment to extend the canvas backpack. For the service life, you need to add a small amount of salt in the water to fully dissolve it in the water, and then soak the canvas bag in water for half an hour. The advantage of this treatment is to effectively imitate the fading of the canvas bag.

2. Water temperature requirements: Canvas backpacks are made of high-quality canvas, so the water temperature should not be too high when washing. If the water temperature is too high, it will soften like a towel, resulting in a slight appearance If it is deformed or loose, it is better to keep the water temperature below 30 degrees.

Should the canvas bag be maintained like this?

1. If the canvas bag is not stained with any special stains, you can put the whole bag in the water and clean it with a brush, but it is obvious The stained area needs to be cleaned locally. If the bag is only partially dirty, do not wash the whole bag. If the canvas bag is washed frequently, it will damage the service life. If you don’t use it, you should put it away to avoid serious damage. Also, you must pay attention when washing. Do not color the canvas bags and wash them individually, because the canvas bags will fade a little.

What are the main series of canvas bags?

Canvas bags are becoming more and more popular. It has become a fashionable trend now. There are many styles of canvas bags, and there are forest styles. Yes, there are literary styles, there are fashion all-matches, various types of series make you dazzled, there is always one that you like and suits you. The age level of using canvas bags is also very wide, from children who are still studying to college students who have just graduated, and white-collar workers who work successfully, as well as various celebrities.

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