How should dark green bags match? How to match dark green bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

When choosing clothes, girls will also first consider the matching of bags. After all, the matching needs to be a full set. So do you know how to match the dark green bags? Let's follow the editor below to find out.

How should dark green bags match?

1. Clothes of the same color + dark green bags

Generally speaking, what color clothes we wear, we will choose bags of similar colors With the package, there is no need to worry about making mistakes in such a combination. The dark green clothes and dark green bags not only look very coordinated, but also show great temperament.

2, white clothes + dark green bag

White clothes have always been a versatile item, no matter what color bag is worn, it is quite suitable. And this outfit does not choose age, young girls like this will be more atmospheric, older ladies like this will have the effect of reducing age.

How to match dark green bags

1. Dark green short skirts and white gauze shirts: Although dark green bags will appear more mature, dark green is used in The clothing is very suitable for most girls, not very picky, as long as the matching is good, it will be very suitable and versatile. The first one recommends this dark green skirt with a white shirt. White is really a versatile color. No matter what color it matches, it will not be abrupt. With this dark green skirt, it will be visually harmonious and natural, and there will be some Kind of refreshing.

Second, dark green blouse with light pink dress: the combination of green and pink is also very harmonious and beautiful, just like summer lotus and lotus leaves in harmony and nature, girls who like fresher pink can choose ink The green round-neck sweater is matched with a light pink long skirt. The dark green sweater is steady and elegant, but the light pink will look cute and pink. The light pink weakens the dark green nobleness but will not suppress the dark green elegance. It seems that the whole person is very fresh and refreshing, creating a strong girlish feeling, so that the girl can be more sunny and energetic.

3. Blue sweater with dark green long skirt: the combination of blue and dark green is also a very eye-catching color combination. Light blue with dark green looks retro and artistic, light blue The sweater looks gentle and quiet, and the fabric of the sweater looks gentle and fresh for girls. Then match it with a dark green skirt with a darker color. There will be a sense of collision between the two colors, which is more fashionable. The skirt style of the long skirt can also be very good It hides the defects of the legs, making the whole person gentle and noble, making girls more literary and retro.

The matching taboos of dark green bags

1. Dark green bags are not suitable for shade matching

The same color combination has always been a very good matching trick , But if the whole body is dark green with bags, it will not look so good. It is recommended that the shades of color are more suitable for lighter colors. If the saturation of white, pink, gray is not very high, like Colors with high saturation such as green and blue will not look so good on the body.

2. Dark green bags are more suitable to wear in autumn

Generally, light-colored bags are recommended to be worn in summer. If it is a dark-colored bag such as dark green, playful Leather wine red. This color is very unsuitable for wearing in autumn and winter, because autumn and winter will give people a cold and light feeling. At this time, matching a dark bag looks very different and makes people look very different. Mature and capable, suitable for working people.

3. Dark green bags are not suitable for cool and handsome outfits

Dark green colors give people a very elegant, very elegant feeling. More cheongsam colors are also dark green The color wears on the body elegantly and intellectually, so the dark green bag is not suitable for matching with very neutral and cool bags, it will give people a completely unmatched feeling, not very good-looking. It is recommended that you wear a dark green bag if you wear a coat or more mature clothing.

Dark green bags are suitable for people of what age

Dark green is darker than green, but brighter than dark green. It is a very elegant color. It shows a good sense of extravagance and can wear a comfortable and casual sense of daily life well. Leather bags are also a very mature type of bag, so younger girls are more suitable for brighter colors. Light green, grass green, and apple green will look lively and vibrant, and dark green will be darker, which is mainly noble and elegant. Therefore, it is suitable for older women, with dark green, it will appear mature and noble.

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